5 Best Shopping Destinations in Bangkok for Tourists

| June 15, 2017

Trade has always been and remains a motive force of human progress. Centuries ago, our ancestors discovered different markets and outlandish products. Asian countries were the epicenter of world trade. The wealth and awesomeness of Asian markets are still attractive.

Going shopping nowadays is a usual routine for people in their homelands. However, shopping this occupation becomes a kind of fantastic amusement park for tourists. Markets are perfect places to get to know the local culture better and purchase souvenirs, exotic food, and useful stuff. This article is dedicated to the most significant tourist places for shopping in Bangkok.


Siam Center

We would like to begin with the international shopping malls of Bangkok. One of the most luxurious and richest in famous brands is Siam Center. This is a perfect place for shopping and fun. By the way, the mall is a great marketplace to buy a present formature Ukrainian ladies you date with or for your beloved wife. Here you will find numerous of cosmetic and perfumery shops like MAC and Sephora, and the only Victoria’s Secret boutique in the city.


CentralWorld Bangkok

Big Buddha is a must-see sight for everyone who is looking for culture treasures of Thailand. Mega-mall CentralWorld is a must-visit shopping center for every single shopper. This is the largest mall in the country and the sixth biggest shopping complex in the world! Its seven floors occupy 830,000 square meters and include 500 shops, 100 cafes and restaurants, two local department stores, 15 cinemas and even a studying center. Literally everything can be found here: beginning with trendy and luxurious clothes, and finishing with progressive and vehicles.


Siam Paragon

This mall represents numbers of both expensive and affordable brands. Moreover, its external architecture is extremely admirable. Inside there are 8 floors with 250 shops at your disposal, including car showrooms, IT-shops, cinemas, and a supermarket. One of the most interesting place to visit here is an enormous bookshop called Kinokuniya.  You will agree with us that a local published book may be an extraordinary gift for your bookworm friend.


MBK Center

Now, let’s move to something more authentic. MKB is one of the oldest malls in the country and was built in 1995. According to this, it preserved the vivid feature of Asian markets – unbelievably huge supply. You won’t see any glamorous boutiques and sophisticated restaurants inside. Quite the contrary, the complex consists of thousands of booths located on six floors (the seventh is for entertainments like bowling or karaoke). Here you will meet independent traders, who are very haggle-friendly by the way. This is the place you definitely will find a great bargain! Curious souvenirs, authentic food, cheap electronics and clothes are very popular among the local youth and especially tourists.


Chatuchak Weekend Market

You may be a fan of extremely luxurious and glamorous Hollywood-style vacation, but if you don’t visit Chatuchak you won’t see Thailand as it is. It is much like MKB, but actually, it is a large open-air bazaar, which is fulfilled with unique Thai atmosphere. Chatuchak Weekend Market is divided into 27 sections with 8000 market tents in all. Despite of millions of replicas and funny little things, here you will find exclusive handicrafts made of clay, wood, glass, and stone, traditional accessories and clothes, furniture, garden plants, paintings, jewelry – EVERYTHING! A variety of goods, Thai fast-food cafes, and local charm make this market a superb landmark.

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