Five Cool Attractions in Bangkok

| May 12, 2017


Bangkok is one of the busiest cities in the world and there is so much to do here that one trip is probably not going to be enough. Whether it is your first time here or it is a return trip, the following list should provide you with a good idea for some attractions that you should definitely see.


Grand Palace

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The Grand Palace was built in 1782 and was the home of the royal family for over 150 years as well as being the centre of government. It is also the home of Wat Prakaew, a sacred image of Buddha which has been carved from just one single block of emerald. The architecture of the palace is nothing like you will see anywhere else in the world and highlights the skill of the Thai people who built the palace.


Floating Market

There is more of a touristy aspect to the floating market nowadays but it can still provide a really authentic Thai experience. You can purchase all kinds of goods here from vendors that sell from their boats. You will be able to get everything from fruit and vegetables from clothing and you should also try a traditional Thai snack from one of the food vendors that you will find here.


Wat Pho

Wat Pho is one of the most well-known attractions in Bangkok. It is also very close to the Grand Palace so you could do both attractions in the same day. The statue of the reclining Buddha covered in gold leaf is a must see and this is also the best place in Bangkok to get a massage. This can help bring some relaxation on what is likely to be a fairly busy trip. Some people also find playing games at Royal Vegas online casino is a good way to relax while they’re in one of the many parks in and around Bangkok.


Chatuchack Weekend Market

If you are in Bangkok at the weekend then you should definitely take the chance to go to Chatuchack market. It will be very busy as there are over 800 stalls here and as many as 200,000 people visit the market every weekend. It is a great place to buy souvenirs to take back home and you can get a real bargain if you are prepared to barter, a practice which is expected and encouraged.


The Temple Of Dawn (Wat Arun)

The spires of Wat Arun are one of the most recognizable landmarks in Southeast Asia just like Royal Vegas online casino is the most recognizable one on the internet. The temple is located right on the bank of the river and this is a beautiful backdrop for the majestic temple. It was constructed in the Khmer style during the 19th Century and there are not many other buildings in the city that share this style and so it is very unique.


If you are planning a trip to Bangkok in the near future then you should try and see as many of these attractions as possible. Be aware though that there is so much that you can discover in the city by just wandering around and seeing what you come across so make sure you schedule some time in to do this as well.


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