Hilton Millennium Bangkok: Rooftop Sky Terrace

| May 27, 2013

We have been visiting many sky bars / roof top bars in Bangkok over the past few years. Of course, it is a given that all of them have magnificent views since Bangkok skyline at night is always nice.  However, the most successful roof top bars do not offer more only great views but also great ambiance and good food to go with a wide variety of drinks. Towering over Chao Phraya River, Roof Top Sky Terrace on the 31st floor of Hilton Millennium Bangkok offers an ideal location to admire a panoramic view Bangkok by the river.

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Our wine for the evening was Michel Lynch Reserved 2009 – very nice full bodied wine.

We ordered the picnic hamper (1,800 baht / 2 people). This picnic hamper is available only from Thursday to Saturday and it offers an assortment of Chinese, Japanese, and Western items.

We started with shrimp cocktails. Crispy lettuce with sweet shrimp and cocktail sauce was a nice start.

Foie gras terrine on toast was full of flavors.

Crispy shrimp rolls served in a take away box reminded me of take away Chinese food in the U.S.

Sashimi and California maki rolls for Japanese food lovers.

Steak sandwich on brioche. One bite of this and you know right away that it is a gourmet sandwich.

Rigatoni All’ Amatriciana. This pasta in a jar is a lot better than it looks. It was very flavorful with a bit of spiciness.

Freshly made guacamole with chips to nibble.

Apart from the hamper, we also order additional dishes.

Fried oysters Japanese style with shoyu was nice. The creamy texture of oyster was still there while the batter outside was crispy.

Raw salmon with condiments and sauce was delicious.

Trio of sandwiches including raw tuna, crab meat, and raw salmon, served on brioche.

For dessert, fresh strawberry meringue will surely please your sweet tooth.

Our visit to Hilton’s rooftop sky terrace was a great pleasure. Its magnificent views along with soft music and dim lighting make it an ideal place for a romantic evening. While there are so many sky bars in Bangkok to choose from, Hilton’s rooftop sky terrace is certainly among the top of our list.

Text by: Vasu Srivarathanabul Ph.D.

TEL: 66-2-442-2000

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