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| November 26, 2013

Pattaya has become one of the major tourist cities in Thailand. The growth of the city is amazingly fast. It expands horizontally and vertically. The expansion comes with many new activities and venues for people to enjoy and experience. One thing that Pattaya comes behind Bangkok is the amount of rooftop restaurants. With all the high-rise condominiums and hotels, there are only 1 high-rise rooftop restaurants that I know of (few others are low-rise rooftop restaurants).

Pattaya Rooftop Restaurant and Bar Ambiance

The Horizon is on the 34th floor of the Hilton Pattaya Hotel, a beachside high-rise building situated on top the Central Festival Shopping complex. Located in between North and South Pattaya right on beach road, the restaurant offers breath taking views of the Sea and the city. The décor is drak tone and minimal with neat design elements, like to roof with a large circular hole. As it is a restaurant and bar, there are 2 zones the outdoor bar and the indoor dining zone.

Horizon 360 Virtual Tour

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We made reservations at the private dining room. It is not that we had a large group of people but the private dining room offers a spectacular view of south Pattaya. The dining area was very dark but there was enough down light to clearly see the food.


We were first recommended the Horizon 8 shot tower (1100). It was not 8 shots it was more like 8 glasses of fruit cocktails. There were 2 types; passion fruit and berries. They were all made from real fruits nice and refreshing but not too sweet.

The Food


Porcini mushroom bisque with pesto marinated mushrooms, artichoke heart & parmesan foam (550). The taste was very light and mild with complex texture and scent.


Edamame Velouté, vanilla cured Atlantic salmon, lemongrass & coconut air (550). My son likes salmon and salmon roe even better but he did not like this one, he probably guest the soup was made of vegetable spatially asparagus and peas.


Duck confit ravioli, orange scented lobster bisque, sautéed greens & truffle foam (750). This is like a Chinese inspired western dish. I’m referring to the wonton soup. The lobster bisque was very tasty, the wonton was a bit too mild.


Sophisticated Caesar crisp romaine, Parma ham, sous-vide chicken & parmesan pudding (650). It looked like a simple dish but behind this was a lot of preparation and selection. The carefully selected romaine lettuce was flawless and fresh, it went well with the creamy pudding. I would only complain about the sou-vide chicken because it was a bit dry.


Atlantic salmon, cherry tomato & octopus ragout, sautéed rocket, potato rosti, poached egg & garlic herb emulsion (950). The salmon was beautifully cooked, the skin was crisp. The tomato based ragout was a nice compliment to the salmon; it also had an interesting chewy texture from the octopus.


Roast Snowfish Chermoula, butternut pumpkin, chorizo sausage, roast cherry tomatoes & Hokkaido scallop (1,050). First I thought the schorizo would over power the snow fish, it did in a way more like compliment the fish. The sweet fish was seasoned with the salty chorizo.


Moulard duck breast, vanilla & thyme risotto, pan-fried foie gras, stir-fried bok choy & port wine cherry reduction (1,200). This was my favorite dish, the duck breast was moist with crisp skin and the foie gras was cooked perfectly. I won’t imagine it to go with bok choy orange but the chef did have unique idea which didn’t hurt the dish. Actually the acidity of orange did make the duck, foie gras and risotto more enjoyable.


Honey & thyme bruleé strawberry & orange (450). The crème bruleé had a honey and thyme scent serves with pouched strawberry & orange. It was an interesting combination and not too sweet.


Affogato espresso shot, cookies & cream, ice cream, pistachio biscotti 450. Ice-cream and coffee to end the meal.


The hotel is designer master piece the décor, the lighting, the view and the space combine to make a really amazing experience. The food was very creative. The appetizers were beautifully presented but needed some adjustment in terms of taste. All the main dishes we had that day were very complex with many ingredients and elements which make the dining a pleasure. I would say with all that and the views while dining is well worth the trip from Bangkok. If there would be an award I would give Horizon “the best ambiance and view in Pattaya”.


Horizon Hilton Pattaya Hotel
333/101 Moo 9, Nong Prue, Banglamung, Pattaya Chonburi, 20260, Thailand
TEL: 66-38-253000 Email: pattaya.sales@hilton.com

Open hours: 5pm -1am everyday

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