Maya: contemporary, theatrical and mystical

| December 15, 2011

A new restaurant that just opened in time for the new year celebration that everyone should try! It was the former Zeta Bar, revamped to ‘Maya’. Located on the 3rd floor of Millenium Hilton Bangkok. The restaurant is just like the meaning behind it’s name, magical, passionate, contemporary, theatrical and mystical.

There are two types of seatings: daybeds and lounge chairs. We were setteled on a daybed right by the window overlooking Chao Phraya river.

The decoration uses warm deep earthly tones and rich colours such as dark chocolate brown, gold and bronze red tone lighting. Materials have an overall natural feel, which you’ll notice when looking at the voile curtaines at the entrance and the dark wooden floor. Decorated with interesting abstract sculptures, which have a certain smoothness in their outlines and you can tell these are Thai.

The most obvious and unique thing about this venue is that the waiters and staff dances while they serve. They are professional bartenders as well as dancers. The main performers are from the Patrivadi Theatre. This cultural show steps down off the stage and moves amongst the dinner-tables. As an introduction on what you’re about to eat, you get a show with each course. There are 15 courses of authentic Thai dishes, and 15 different performance for each dish.

The performance is spread out so every customer can see the show in close range. Professional choreographers come up with new dances every couple weeks and these dances are only to be showed at Maya.

The performance start as a classical Thai dance, after each one it then progress to more modern performance, and at the end the beat goes up and it all ends as Hip-Hop. After performance, the gong sounds and the name of the course is mentioned.

You get small portions like tapas and canapes, variated with the larger dishes such as Tom Yum soup. Nevertheless, they are dishes that have made Thailand world famous. Of all the 15 very good dishes, we especially enjoyed the Khao Soy and Tom Yam Goong the most. Chef Supoj did a great job in bringing the real Thai taste in sets of small portions.

For drinks, you can choose from world wines, both old and new, and herbal fruit drinks with seasonal herbs and fruits to give that truly Thai taste. But if you really want to indulge yourself in this special Thai ambience, you should try one of Maya’s creative contemporary Thai cocktails. A real highlight is Yam-Yam Som Ohh, a mixture of smashed fruit, Mekong Rum and chili in a nutty crusted syrup on the glass rim. Also go for the Market Fress Fizz, which has to be shaken for over 6 minutes. Ordering two glass of this we sympathized the waiter that come to shake this cocktail by are table and take turns.

By now you should realise that Maya is no ordinary restaurant, with not just an ordinary dinnershow, so why don’t you let yourself get memorized into this world of Maya a sure place where art, theatre, fine dining and service combine for the evening.

Menu (changes every couple of weeks)

Pre lude:

Fire Cracker

Moo Sarong

Por Pai Sod

Yam Pla Foo

Gai Yang jim jaew

Yam Ped Yang

Take a little break:

I-tim Ma Now


Khao Soy

Goong phad nam makham

pla nueng manow

Poo Nim Tord Kratiem

Tom Yam Goong

Mussamun Nue

Phad Thai Goong


Maprow ”Creme bruleé”

THB 1,250++ per person

At-bangkok Ratings:

Ambiance:  5

Food:  4.5

Service: 4.5

Value: 4.5

Maya: contemporary, theatrical and mystical
Text: Fabiënne van Poppel

Address:123 Charoennakorn Road, Klongsan, Bangkok, Thailand 10600
Tel: 66-2-442-2000   Fax: 66-2-442-2020

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