Wongnai: The Thai Version of Yelp

| March 16, 2015

An exotic cuisine that highlights distinctive herbs like lemongrass, Thai food is a combination of aromatic and spicy elements that greatly enhances a person’s culinary experience. One of the contributors of Phuket.com explained that, “the juxtaposition of sweet, sour, hot, and salt flavours is what makes Thai cuisine so distinct.” The complexities and intricacies of the food encourage tourists to explore the country, delighting themselves in authentic, local cuisine.

In order to eat like a local, you need to find out where the locals eat. Using mobile technology, tourists can now search for the hidden gems in the culinary world through their smartphones. With the number of smartphone users reaching the one billion mark in 2012, a statistic shared by the operators of online casino portal BubbleBonusBingo, people are relying on their gadgets to find ways to soak in Thai culture, namely through food.

Wongnai.com is Thailand’s number one restaurant review website, and functions similarly to Yelp. It was a startup back in 2010, and since its release of the mobile app, about 1.5 million users have registered. Featuring more than 160,000 restaurants, the Wongnai app contains real user reviews and detailed information on each listed establishment. Other than reading restaurant reviews, you can also take pictures of your meal, and even leave a quick tip for other users about the restaurant. The app will automatically identify your location using GPS.

The app has gotten so much praise that for 90 consecutive weeks, it was dubbed as one of the top five free apps in the “Travel/Food & Drink” category. It has also received honourable mention in media, such as Thairat, Daily News, Nation Channel, Manager Online (ASTV), Virgin Hitz Radio, True Visions, YouTube, and Thai TV3 Channel.

Now with Wongnai, you can sample everything that Thailand has to offer. Whether you’re spending just a few days in Bangkok, or even a Thai resident, this is an app that you surely cannot miss out on.

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