Yamazato Washoku Food Fiesta

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The Organization to Promote Japanese Restaurants Abroad (JRO) is to organize the Japanese Restaurant Fair in Bangkok in February, 2014. The event will be held as part of the celebration of “washoku”, traditional Japanese cuisine that has been honored as the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)’s Intangible Cultural Heritage in December, 2013.

Mr. Yasumasa Asai, Branch Manager of JRO Bangkok, said to celebrate this honor award from UNESCO, JRO has planned to organize the 2014 annual fair next February, inviting the Thai people to try the authentic Japanese foods. The event will be held at 73 Japanese restaurants in Bangkok, which will serve customers with the menus using agricultural and marine products originated in Japan, and the  ingredients imported from Japan especially for this event.

Bangkok Japanese Restaurant Fair, which is supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan, will be held during February 1-28, 2014. The special event will take place at 73 Japanese restaurants in Bangkok, including [Yamazato], [Nippon tei], [Ume no Sato], [ZUMA], [Sakuragawa],  [Tsukiji], [Gyu Gyu Tei] and [Hachiban Ramen]. Main ingredients to be used for cooking Japanese special dishes include “Winter Buri (yellowtail fillet)” from Ishikawa prefecture,  “Omi beef” from Shiga prefecture and “Amaou strawberry” from Aichi prefecture. Minor ingredients are “Scallop” from Hokkaido, “Salmon egg” from Hokkaido, “Kampachi fish” from Ehime prefecture, Udon of Shimadaseimen , Sasanishiki rice, Momotaro tomato and Asahi beer. The three latter ingredients are grown and produced in Thailand.

JRO is a non-profit organization (NPO). The Thai office was established in July, 2007. The organization since then has supported about 2,000 Japanese restaurants in Thailand to present attractive Japanese dishes, and increased credibility of the Japanese restaurants operating in  the country. This presents the dedication of the organization in promoting Japanese foods culture in Thailand, making the Thai customers happy with the authentic Japanese foods.

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