5 Great Nightlife Experiences In Bangkok You Should Try

| October 26, 2020

Bangkok, Thailand’s capital, is a top tourist destination. When you visit this city, be ready to interact with friendly locals, incomparable cuisine, and a thrilling nightlife scene. You’ll enjoy various activities suitable for people of all age groups. However, if you love the rush for a night at a land-based casino, you should know that they are still illegal in Thailand. Nevertheless, don’t despair as you could go for an online casino like the one created by the world-renowned JackpotCity Casino, who have a devoted Thai section. So if you are planning to visit Bangkok, here are five nightlife experiences you should try.

Baiyoke Sky Rooftop Bar


You’ll find the Baiyoke Sky Rooftop Bar on top of the 83rd level Baiyoke Sky Tower, the highest building in Bangkok. This nightlife location is well-known for posh restaurants and packed bars. Visitors enjoy cuisines from all around the globe.

What’s more, you’ll enjoy the all-round view of the entire city from the rooftop. If you are not residing at the building’s hotel, you’ll have to part with 400 baht for this experience with a complimentary drink. The exclusive restaurants can be accessed from the 75th to the 82nd floor. If you are searching for an exclusive place to have dinner with your loved one, the Baiyoke Sky Rooftop Bar is the place to be.

Bangkok Ladyboy Shows

One top tourist attraction in Bangkok is the gorgeous transvestites or Katoeys at Thai Ladyboy shows. The one show you cannot afford to miss during your visit is the flashiest show performed at the Calypso Cabaret show by elegant ladyboys.

The Calypso Cabaret was launched in 1987 and included both classic and contemporary features. At these shows, you’ll be treated by katoeys who dance and sing to Thai, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and other western traditional songs.

Bangkok Nightlife Markets

The Bangkok nightlife markets will make your time in the city memorable. The markets usually have various products, including shoes, clothes, food, and home appliances that attract shoppers from around the world.

The most talked-about market in Bangkok is Rod Fai 1, located at the rear of the Paradise Park. It is the biggest night market in Bangkok. Here, you’ll find everything you’re looking for, including phone accessories, pets, and electronic appliances. The only challenge is that many people visit the market every night, making it hard for shoppers to move around. Other nightlife markets you can visit include the Rod Fai 2, Chatuchak weekend market, Siam Gypsy Junction, Liab Duan, Rot Boran, and JJ Green Vintage.

Bangkok Nightclubs

If you’ve visited the city with your partying friends, then the Bangkok night clubs will treat you to a thrilling experience. Apart from the shopping areas and food courts, Bangkok’s night clubs attract many tourists. There are two famous night clubs that revelers should visit while in the city.

The Ku De Ta is regarded as the most lavish club in Bangkok. Apart from its location, the club also offers fine-dining restaurants, bars, and intimate live music. Roisterers can choose the Izakaya for a traditional Japanese taste or Signature for plush dining and the Grill if you want your regular steakhouse.

The second must-visit club is the Levels Club & Lounge Bangkok. Ranters will enjoy good quality music and performances from top DJs from around the world. The clubs are free to enter, but you’ll be charged a fee when the DJs are performing.

Street Food

Your nightlife experience in Bangkok is not complete without tasting the street food. If you’ve had enough of the fine-dining and are craving the real Thai experience, the low-cost food courts are what you should be looking for. At these locations, you’ll taste the authentic Thai cuisine at a pocket-friendly price.

One famous joint for its real Thai cuisine is the Soi Rambuttri Street food. Here you’ll find travelers having a good time.
Before making a purchase, walk around first.


With these recommendations, you’re sure of an unforgettable experience in Bangkok. Be prepared on how the City’s public transport works if you don’t want to get lost. If visiting Thailand is on your bucket list, you should consider these five nightlife activities.


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