| October 15, 2014
Housed in an elegant, brick townhouse in Soi Ruam Rudee and just a few minutes walk from the Ploenchit BTS Skytrain stands Myth – a niche lifestyle brand that celebrates Thai living traditions by way of a Thai cultural experience in modern urban style. Myth is set to redefine a uniquely Thai lifestyle experience by offering an escape for a few hours of traditional Thai massage, herbal healing products, fortune reading, beverage bar, and a petite retail boutique. With massage and herbal healing products at its core, Myth is also inspired by the historic murals and inscriptions about traditional massage, herbal medicine, and astrology at Bangkok’s famed Wat Po.

“Myth brand embodies Thainess by offering healing and relaxation therapy that has been practiced for centuries throughout the Kingdom, to be enjoyed in Myth’s fresh, inviting urban setting that fits perfectly with contemporary life,” said Managing Director Tasa (Khim) Soonthornsima, a former hotelier who had left the hospitality industry at the peak of her career to pursue her innate passion for a holistic lifestyle and ardent interest and appreciation of the rich Thai culture, traditions and history. Combining her two passions in life, Tasa has successfully developed the Myth experience based on the traditional Thai message enhanced by use of essential oils made from Myth’s own brand of herbal products which are inspired by the ancient traditional healing knowledge that is inscribed on the murals at Wat Po.


Produced, used and sold exclusively at Myth are essential oils made from the medicinal herbs, known collectively known as “Waan” whose benefits are not only rooted in myth and magical folklore but also scientifically proven through modern lab testing by Myth’s Research & Development team.  Myth’s personal care inventory includes soaps, lotions, bath products, etc. The Myth experience offers a good selection of back to basics Thai massage therapy treatments in 25-50-80-110 minutes duration. Guests can choose and combine various treatments with one or even multiple therapists.

Inspired by the Thai fascination with astrology and love of predictions, which is recorded in the Wat Po inscriptions and still a strong part of our modern daily life, Myth offers consultations with a talented fortune teller whose on-site services – delivered in a private room on the top floor of Myth House – are available by appointment. For those guests who would fancy a drink after a massage or whilst waiting for astrology reading appointment, Myth’s cosy open-air rooftop bar is highly recommended.  The bar serves various delicious fruit and vegetable juices, Italian coffee, a selection of teas, and Chandon Sparkling Wine.

Last but not least, an all-encompassing Thai lifestyle experience, especially for the ladies, will not be complete without a touch of retail therapy right on the premises of Myth. The lobby boutique showcases and sells local textile products and home décor items by none other than the renowned Khomapatr Thai Silk and Cotton House which had been as much part of the history of Thai textiles as the Thai massage.

Myth is currently inviting Thai residents to come take advantage of a Green Season promotional offer:  Buy a voucher priced at THB 7,500 (actual value at THB 10,000. -) to pick and choose from  the Myth massage treats selection. Vouchers can be purchased from Now until 31 January 2015 and will be valid six months from date of issue of voucher

For more information or appointments, please call tel. 66 (2) 651 5600 or

e-mail: rsvn@siamyth.com or check out www.siamyth.com.

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