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| July 9, 2014

We recently had dinner at Albricias at Chatrium Residence Sathorn. Albricias caught our attention because it specializes in Mediterranean fine dining. The moment we stepped in the restaurant we were impressed with the ambience. The tables were nicely spaced, the lighting was warm-not too bright and not too dark, and the grey/and brownish tone of the dining room was very relaxing and welcoming.

Before we ordered, we asked our attentive server what “Albricias” means. She explained that it is a forgotten greeting word that comes from Hispanic-Arabic world and also means good news. For the evening, we started with some drinks.


Banana split martini (240 baht ++) made by Khun Daranai. A nice drink that tasted exactly like banana split with a strong kick of banana liquor and vodka.


Wild forest mushroom soup (240 baht ++): The creamy mushroom soup was luscious. Drops of the porcini oil accentuated the earthy mushroom soup even more.


Herbed beef carpaccio with baby wild rocket leaves, aged parmesan, and white truffle oil (320 baht ++): Very thin slice of sweet beef went well with the saltiness of the parmesan. The peppery rocket leaves complimented the beef while the scent from the truffle oil added extra dimension to the dish.


Crab cakes served with papaya ceviche and saffron mayonnaise (290 baht ++): The sweetness from the lump crab cakes was marvelous. The crispiness on the outside added a nice texture to the crab cakes.


The restaurant manager recommended a Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile, Yali 2013 – fruity and just the right acidity level.


Penne pesto sauce with parmesan shave (260 baht ++): The al dente penne in pesto sauce and sprinkled with roasted pine nuts tasted good but we would prefer to have more pesto sauce and more seasoning.



Tasmanian salmon slow roasted salmon served with creamy mashed potatoes and lemon butter emulsion (510 baht ++): The thick salmon filet was sweet and perfectly cooked. It went well with the tomato sauce and the rich and silky mashed potatoes.


Chef Namchai Kaewkanha the season chef came to present his signature dish. It was a beautiful dish.


Saffron risotto with U.S. scallop, tiger prawn, and lobster claw (970 baht ++): The risotto was creamy and well cooked, while all the seafood was very sweet. The pesto oil was also quite nice with the seafood.


Australian lamb rack served with pine nuts cous cous, apricot jus, scented with rosemary (890 baht ++): Medium rare lamb was tender and juicy. The cous cous with pine nuts was nice and the roasted tomatoes were distinctly sweet, almost like candy.


Beef tenderloin served with roasted potatoes, green beans and demi-glace (840 baht ++): The beef tenderloin was thick, tender, and luxurious. As always, when it comes to beef, a good piece of steak usually shine on its own. The demi-glace and rest of the vegetables were just supporting cast.


Signature dessert hot and cold (240 baht ++): Hot white chocolate sauce poured on frozen fruits. Cointreau (orange liqueur) marinated forest fruits were frozen and served with hot white chocolate sauce. This dish gave a nice contrasting sensation to our mouths but the white chocolate sauce was sweeter than we expected. We wonder what it would be like with dark hot chocolate sauce instead.


Nightmare chocolate pudding served with fresh strawberry, strawberry coulis, and mango pearls (190 baht ++): A nice warm chocolate pudding cake was rich and sweet. The fruit elements in this dessert help to cut the sweetness of the chocolate cake, a nice balanced dessert.


The overall experience at Albricias was very positive. The food was beautifully presented, creative and well executed. We particularly enjoyed the ambience and the friendly service of the staffs. This is a place that customers can truly sit back, relax, and have their meals with friends and family- laid back Mediterranean style.  Albricias also offers Mediterranean dinner buffet every Friday priced at only 480++.

For more details/reservation call: + 66 (0) 2672 0200


Chef Namchai came to greet us again at the end of the meal.

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