| January 16, 2013

Exhibition : Alphabet
By Ithipol Thangchalok
From 21 January  – 24 February, 2013
At ARDEL Gallery  (Boromratchonnee Rd.)

The art exhibition “Alphabet” presents abstract artworks using basic visual elements such as “dot” and “line.”
These elements act like alphabets that when put together create interesting stories.  With this latest exhibition,
Ithipol Thangchalok, the National Artist in Visual Art (Painting) in 2008, applies his expertise in abstract artwork
and brings out the beauty of pure art through the simplicity of painting.

Gallery would appreciate your cooperation in announcing our upcoming event, “Alphabet” art exhibition

For more information, kindly contact ARDEL Gallery of Modern Art at number: 0-2422-2092
Fax: 0-2422-2091 on Tuesday-Saturday during 10.30 – 19.00 hrs. Sunday: 10.30 – 17.30 hrs. (closed on Monday),

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