BAAN 2459 Yaowarat

| September 14, 2020

“Baan 2459”, is the building with the design of Sino-Portuguese Architecture that is remarkably beautiful with the hidden charm of long history inside of it. It is located in the historic area of Yaowarat. It is presumably built around the year of 2459 B.E. (1916 A.D.) which was in the reign of King Rama 6. Mr. Suksan Aueareechon, Managing Director said, “From the history of this house, it is originally the heritage of Vadanyakul family. It is quite challenging to refurbish this building because it is aged more than 100 years. The original building design did not include any bathroom inside. The designer tried very hard to re-design the sanitation system without having impact on the scenery outside of the building. Moreover, the air-conditioning system added into the building is required to be totally concealed inside the wall and ceiling. And there is also a requirement to keep all materials such as doors, windows, wooden stairs and lime-written ceilings in order to retain the building’s original state as close in the past as possible”. “Baan ๒๔๕๙” features four-room hotel. Each room is named based on the hotel’s name. So they are called Room ๒, ๔, ๕, and ๙. The Thai numerical characters are used to represent the rooms. It is aimed to let the visitors feel like being real invited guests of the wealthy-classed people of the past. All furniture is of antique design. Each room has been decorated with its individual color and tone. And most importantly, the bathrooms provided by the hotel owner are intended to be most beautiful and luxurious but still full of classic charm of their own. They are decorated with marble, bathtub with stand, and brass chandelier.

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