BANGKOK BIKE 2013: Bicycle Exhibition for cycling lovers

| April 15, 2013
N.C.C. Exhibition Organizer Company limited (NEO) urged manufacturing, importing companies and agents of popular brand bikes  including fashion and accessories as well as services related to bicycles to lively parade into BANGKOK BIKE 2013 or “Bicycle Exhibition for cycling lovers” !  The full and complete venue for bike and travelling lovers where over 200 booths   display and highlight the products and service for the first time in Thailand. This is the only event that Bike lane is set up for the cyclists to visit and buy the goods around the Exhibition Hall during 2-5 May 2013 at Hall 4, Impact Muang Thong Thani while Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and Thai Cycling for Health Association sponsor the event.
Mrs.Vilaiwan Twichasri, Deputy Governor for Tourism Products and Business, TAT as a co sponsor of the event revealed that BANGKOK BIKE 2013  is regarded as the first products  and services exhibition for the travelling by bikes and tourism organized in Thailand. The event aims to promote the campaign for Thai people to travel by bike in the country in order to expand the market and offer the business opportunities for the bikes and travelling and also to directly create marketing value added for the local tourism in Thailand.
“TAT has a major policy to promote the Eco Tourism together with the inbound and outbound tourism marketing promotion in order to monitor the continual growth in economy and society in Thailand.  In addition, the vital visual is to increase the potentiality to adapt to the changing situation.  Thus, TAT arranged 7 Greens project continually and promote “Heart of Conservationist” for new generation tourists and biking tour is one of the 7 Greens project under Green Logistic and Green Activities emphasizing on the biking tour.   Meanwhile, TAT recommended the suitable routes for biking tour and relaxing in Thailand to serve this project.”
To sponsor this event, TAT arranged the activities all over the 500 sq.m. to entertain the cyclists under the Theme “Let’s Go Green” or Biking tour sustains Thailand.  The theme is to recommend the interesting routes in 5 regions by illustrating the beautiful scenic routes and sightseeing places as a virtual site.  Furthermore, the tour operators like hotels, accommodation and resorts along the routes are proposed together with the selected local products and OTOP for shopping as well.
Mr. Sakchai Patharapreechakul, President of N.C.C. Management and Development Company Limited as an organizer cited that N.C.C. Exhibition Organizer Company limited or NEO, the leading exhibition organizer both in Thailand and overseas, foresee the marketing channel for travelling and touring therefore, we expanded the exhibition for the bike business to motivate the sustainable growth of the market and biking tour.
The organizer of Bangkok Bike 2013, “Bicycle Exhibition for cycling lovers” are reliable by the manufacturers, importers and leading agents to join and sell several models of bikes for over 10 brands like LA Bicycle, manufacturer and distributor of LA Bicycle, Infinite, Raja Cycle, Manufacturer of Optima and Meadow and the major bike agent, Amorn Bicycle.  Moreover, the imported brands like Specialize from Sport Bicycle, Brompton from One Fine Day Company and Tinywheel Company, Nirve from NYLA (Thailand),  including Bianchi  also participate in the agent booths.
Apart from these, there are exhibition zones to completely display and sell products and services related to the bike such as fashioned clothes, accessories, cycling gear including spare parts and gadgets which bike lovers can’t miss:
         - The Bike Zone:  To display and sell various models of several brands bikes from local and overseas.  Meet the best special promotion, discount, free gifts and premium.
         - Biker Style Zone: Full collection of fashioned clothes, cycling gear and accessories are displayed for you to shop around.
         -  Biker Gadget Zone: Another zone where the real cyclists should not miss is the collection which we gather all the gadgets, camera to increase the capacity, safety and fun in biking tour.
In addition, the Exclusive Indoor Parking space is provided in the heart of the exhibition hall for over 200 bikes.  The Indoor Bike Park is regarded as the first and the most exiting riding track in Bangkok. Many more activities for discussion and education are also arranged.
“The company aims to welcome more than 100,000 audiences through the 4 days and expect not less than 200 Million Baht current cash flow in bike market and the related businesses.”
Therefore, we would like to invite you to join the BANGKOK BIKE 2013 or “Bicycle Exhibition for cycling lovers”! during 2 -5 May 2013 at Hall 4, Impact Muang Thong Thani.
Please see more details at and or phone numbers 02-2034232-6.



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