Bangkok Green Market: Explore how Cannabis is Shaping the Local Wellness Scene

| January 20, 2022

The Bangkok Green Market is back this month after a wait of two months. It promises to be bigger and better with many activities to do and shopping to be done.

Mark Abbot and Bloom CBD Products

Like previous occasions, the Green Market will continue to showcase organic, natural, and eco-friendly products from like-minded vendors who focus on the planet and sustainability. And that’s not all – you will also find exciting events, workshops, live music, and tasty gastronomic delights that will make your day.

And a little surprise for cannabis enthusiasts – in line with the green, plant-based theme of the event, the BKK Green Market has also tied up with two emerging cannabis startups. They will display their best-selling marijuana products, all legal and safe. So if you have any questions about the cannabis scene in Thailand, drop by!


Explore the market in the lush gardens at Patom this weekend on Saturday and Sunday, January 22-23, from 11 am to 5 pm.

Blooming at Bangkok Green Market

Bloom is one of the first cannabis companies to enter the market after the cannabis laws were amended in Thailand. It’s a brand that prides itself on responsibly sourced, fully legal, organic cannabis-based products like CBD oil, edibles, gummies, etc.


In December last year, Bloom participated in one of its first outdoor promoting events at the Bangkok Green Market. It was an excellent opportunity to showcase their products where people are savvy, knowledgeable, and care about their carbon footprint.


The response was terrific, especially when considering how new this market is!

A Mix of Young and Old

People across the board from all age groups are interested in how cannabis can help their bodies. Bloom interacted with several people in their 40s and 50s, looking at CBD as a remedy for pain and sleep. They didn’t take much convincing and were quick to buy their best sellers – CBD oil.


Similarly, young people were also intrigued by the idea of consuming CBD, notably in novel products like yadom, tea, jellies, and popcorn.


Many were also CBD-curious, who were merely looking at understanding the cannabis plants and Bloom’s products better. They also had questions about the legal landscape – which the Bloom members answered to their satisfaction.

CBD for Fitness?

Mark Abbott – a well-known fitness influencer, also visited the Bloom stall at the market. He purchased two bottles of CBD oil and was quite pleased with the experience.

Mark Abbott and Bloom CBD Company

CBD, owing to its pain-relieving benefits and anti-inflammatory properties, is a fantastic supplement for bodybuilders, weightlifters, and workout enthusiasts. Abbott, a well-known figure in the Thai fitness scene, was happy about finding organic, natural CBD oil free of preservatives and chemicals.

This year, Bloom will be sharing the booth Chanabis – another cannabis-themed company operating in Thailand. Together, they will be promoting their two bestsellers – CBD oil and Chanabee Honey.

If you have been meaning to give CBD a try in Bangkok but have questions regarding it, you can visit Bloom’s Facebook for more information. Or better yet, visit them in person at the Green Market in Patom, Thong Lor.

What to Expect this Year at the Green Market?

In addition to exploring the local cannabis scene, patrons can also enjoy a whole lot of shopping for exciting products. For instance, if you want to fill your space with good vibes and positive energy, you may check out the Crystal Herbs’ booth at the market!


And if you are not too keen on shopping, why not check out the several workshops and events conducted by qualified specialists? You may just learn a thing or two, whether it is cooking, painting, or just plain-old meditation. You will certainly find your inner peace and tranquillity in this rat race of life.


There is also live music to keep you entertained while the lush, green gardens also make for a nice picnic spot with your loved ones. Select from an exciting selection of organic wine and delicious food that leave you asking for more. Bring your date, bring your family, or just come by yourself – you will not be disappointed.

All in all, this promises to be an exciting weekend in Bangkok.

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