What Do Bangkok Locals Do For Fun?

| August 13, 2019

Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand. Like other great cities around the world, Bangkok is always filled with lots of activities by the locals. Unlike what other people around the world do for fun, Bangkok locals have their unusual ways of having fun. However, they also engage in other activities like sports betting on Betway88, which is common among other jurisdictions. Here are some of the activities unique to the Bangkok locals:


Boat Rides at Chao Phraya River

You will find the Bangkok locals taking boat rides at Chao Phraya River. Here they enjoy seeing and visiting fancy hotels and old buildings. The river is also important to them because it’s a way for them to get to their workplaces through ferries.


Shopping and Entertainment at Siam Paragon

You will always find Bangkok locals and even tourists at Siam Paragon. It is a place they visit for shopping and other recreational activities. At Siam Paragon, there are various shops ranging from fashion design ones to car manufacturers like Lamborghini and Ferrari. This is an ideal shopping site for a local punter on Betway that has won the jackpot. Apart from shopping, there is also a big multiplex cinema which locals frequently visit for entertainment.


Eating street food

Eating on the streets is very common in Bangkok. The locals like eating on the streets. You will find every busy road with food sellers selling food to the locals. The low prices of food items are contributed by the fact that locals are the main customers. All kinds of foods are cooked right in your presence and made ready for your consumption.

Watching kickboxing

This is another fun activity that you will not miss in Bangkok. It is referred to as Muay Thai. It is the national sport that is liked by almost everyone. Bangkok hosts some of the big fights at either Ratchadamnoen or Lumpini stadia. You will find the arenas filled as locals enjoy the fights. Others will be glued to their televisions if the matches will be aired live. Some locals also take the chance to make some money by placing their bets on Betway98.com as they follow the action.

Shopping at Wang Lang Market

This is a great market among the locals. It is home to a majority of the locals because whatever is offered is affordable. Food, household items, clothing, and other items are cheap.

Visiting Bang Krachao

Bang Krachao is identified as an island by many people in Bangkok. The locals can easily access this site using their vehicles. They enjoy cycling on the island and can also visit the floating market on the East side of Bang Krachao. It is a nice place for the locals to get away from their daily activities and even local punters on Betway88 can retreat here to revise their betting strategies. The floating market is also called Bang Nam Peung. It is known for very delicious food, starting from snacks to main meals.


Drinking at Lebua Sky Bar

Bangkok locals will always have fun on this amazing bar that is floating in the air. It is among the highest rooftop bars in the world. While here, they enjoy all the drinks that one would ever desire from champagne, wine, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, and all cocktails.

Shopping at Baiyoke Tower II

Baiyoke Tower II is also one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world. It offers good views of the Bangkok city. Apart from the views, locals enjoy a good shopping experience with affordable clothes. They can shop in bulk at wholesale prices or retail since they are cheap. Besides clothes, there are bags, belts, necklaces and hats.


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