| August 14, 2015

For thousands of years the Mid-Autumn Festival has been one of China’s most celebrated traditional holidays, where moon cakes are gifted to wish prosperity. Handmade fresh daily in the kitchen of renowned Cantonese restaurant Bai Yun, Banyan Tree Bangkok’s legendary and delicate moon cakes are preservatives-free and come in a variety of flavours: from the more traditional Red Bean, Black Sesame and Lotus Seed to the more adventurous Durian, Assorted Nuts, Custard, Jujube & Walnuts and newly introduced flavour Chinese Chestnut.


Nothing sends good wishes like handing over a box of exquisitely-packaged moon cakes, and we have the perfect gift sets for you to wish your parents, clients or colleagues every prosperity and happiness this season.

Available in Goodies, Bai Yun and Romsai.

  • Thai Baht 165.- per piece,
  • Durian, Assorted Nuts and Chinese Chestnut  is priced at Thai Baht 170.
  • Thai Baht 788.- for a box of 4 pieces.
  • Thai Baht 399.- for a box of 2 pieces.

For more information and reservations please contact:   0 2679 1200



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