| October 22, 2012

Bangkok iconic restaurant/club throws a dinner party to thank their supporters.

On Wednesday October 10th, 2012, Bed Supperclub will throw – what is, for a big part of its fan base – the party of the year. The occasion is to CELEBRATE 10 YEARS OF EXISTENCE that has been mainly a trailblazing ascension amongst the top clubs of the world.

Bed Supperclub will host the night-long party to thank its most loyal supporters from “first-hour guests” to top spenders, which – and this is what is different from previous celebrations, will start with a very intimate dinner. Bed Supperclub also operates as a restaurant until late night, this will be prepared by Chef Dan Ivarie, the Bangkok-based American chef that was part of the founding team 10 years ago.

The night which is symbolically planned for 10.10.12 will be a party themed around the X factor: X representing the figure 10 in latin and also the unknown. It will be a surprising event designed for “a group of responsible, consenting individuals,” that can expect to see a kissing booth, an international condoms pop-up store and of course musically, what is probably the best line-up of DJs in Bangkok.

“Bed Anniversary parties were always a showcase of what our team can do with total freedom,” says Sanya Souvanna Phouma, Creative Director and founder. “And this time we wanted to push the envelope yet again with provocative performances and activities, that are all, of course, done tastefully and respectfully for everyone. It will be a showcase of our creativity, our cutting-edge style and our sense of fashion but also, and let’s face it, it will be one crazy night.”

Past anniversaries were “My Pimp is Rich” for the 3rd anniversary where a car was mounted in the white room and pimped out like a real Mack’s ride. For the fifth anniversary to mark the year after the coup d’Etat, there was a mock-up tank installed in the center of the white room. Guests danced on the tank by the end of the night. On the 6th anniversary, contemporary artist Sebastien Wierenck created a unique tentacular installation for the “Big Brother is watching you” themed night.

The event will start at 7PM for a selected crowd of guests who will experience a 3-course dinner with very exclusive entertainment. Doors will then open for invited guests only at 9:30PM.
General public is welcome to join for a fee of 1,000 THB per ticket including 2 drinks starting from 11:00PM.

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