Beef Promotion At Scarlett Wine Bar & Restaurant

| July 5, 2012

A beefeater’s delight, Scarlett’s Beef Promotion throughout July and August is certain to satisfy even the most ravenous gourmand’s taste for fine red meat! Welcome the Brandt family’s pride and joy, beautifully tasty beef from California, raised naturally and humanely, which delivers a truly superior experience. Come on up to the 37th floor and sink your teeth into some Tenderloin Angus in puff pastry Wellington style, Tomahawk Angus 240 days grain fed, Rib Eye Angus 150 days and 240 days grain fed, certified to the highest and most flavorful wholesome standards by US Department of Agriculture. Savor the best of the famed Japanese Wagyu—in short ribs, Kagoshima rib eye and sirloin—and find out just how exquisite this naturally marbled meat really is, lush with Omega 3 and 6, and yearning to be eaten. Try one, try them all—and yield to temptation when Scarlett beckons you to do a little delicious French kissing with her special Beef tongue “pot au feu”.


















Scarlett Wine Bar & Restaurant is located on the 37th floor, Pullman Bangkok Hotel G

Open: Monday to Saturday from 6:00PM to 1:00PM (Close on Sunday)

Book now via telephone: 0 2238 1991 or email:

or Facebook:


Tel : (66)22381991                                                        E-mail
Nannadda Supakdhanasombat (App)                                Director of Marketing Communications
Melanie Sirachindabhirom (May)                                      Assistant Public Relations Manager

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