Best Western Conserves Thailand’s Coast

| February 17, 2014
A sincere effort by Best Western International has helped conserve Thailand’s rich marine environment with a weekend CSR initiative and charitable donation.

A group of team members from the company’s Asia & Middle East Head Office in Bangkok recently gave up their weekend to travel to Chonburi province, east of the Thai capital, where they participated in two key local projects designed to protect the local sea-life. On Saturday February 8th, the Best Western volunteers sailed out to the Kham Islands, in the Gulf of Thailand, where they joined the Royal Thai Navy to help preserve the area’s colorful coral reefs.


Following a demonstration of coral conservation techniques by naval officers, the team helped transplant and replenish the island’s reef, which is in danger from coral bleaching. The volunteers then returned to the mainland, where they had the opportunity to visit the Royal Thai Navy’s Sea Turtle Conservation Center. Having learned about the plight of the endangered creatures from local experts, the Best Western team was able to visit a turtle nursery and help release the young turtles back into the sea. And proving its long-term commitment to the conservation of Thailand’s marine environment, Best Western was delighted to present a charitable donation to the Sea Turtle Conservation Center, enabling it to continue its excellent work in the future.


“Best Western aims to be a force for good in every market we operate, and this latest CSR initiative is just one example of the work that our teams undertake across the world,” said Best Western’s Vice President of International Operations for Asia & the Middle East, Glenn de Souza. “Famous across the world for its beauty, Thailand’s coast is one of the key reasons why so many visitors travel to this wonderful country every year. And as such, it is the responsibility of the tourism industry to help preserve and protect this incredible marine environment. “At Best Western, we are committed to this challenge and we are delighted to be able to give something back to the coastal community,” Mr. de Souza added. Following the CSR trip, the Best Western team was invited onboard the HTMS Chakri Naruebet – Thailand’s first and only aircraft carrier, and the flagship of the Royal Thai Navy.


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