Biscotti’s New Menu

| December 16, 2011

Address:Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok
155 Rajadamri Road, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
Tel. 66 (0) 2 126-8866

Biscotti is the place to go to, for fine dining Italian food, since it open more than 10 years ago. With many big chefs going in and out and many regular customers, they have a large database of successful Italian dishes people like. This makes a tough job for every new chef here, to match the performance of the previous chef. For the new Chef Daniele Cason this is no exception.

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What Daniele did was learn about what people liked from the menu and added his own new dishes. So if you are regular at the Biscotti, don’t forget to try the new dishes. As we have discovered they are well balanced with the old menu and adds a refreshing taste to this well established restaurant.

These are some of the items chef Daniele recommends.

Seafood Salad (480)very similiar to Thai seafood salad but without the chilli.

Tuna Tartar (400) with avocado,  diced tomatoes, black olives and lemon confit. The raw fresh tasty tuna was balanced well tartness of the tomatoes.

“Caprese” (440), Tomato and Mozarella and pesto sauce, I don’t usually like this dish but the one here has a tasty mozarella and served with pesto sauce which makes an interesting combination.

The Focaccia (420) here is not just bread but it is baked pizza style with cheese filling and Truffle Oil. The crispy thin slice inside a gooey melting cheese makes it run out faster than I can take the Photo.

Home  smoked lobster risotto (620/690) with fresh tomato, basil and vanilla beans. The smoke lobster has a unique texter almost rubbery but soft and sweet.

Pecorino Romano cheese risotto with pigeon (400/460) and roasted  green apple. I don’t know what wine I would have with this dish, it could be either  white or red. The sweet and tarty roasted apple combines the strong taste of the cheese and gamey pigeon make it a very complex dish. This is one of my favorite.

Homemade ravioli  filled with porcini mushrooms (470 / 520). Another complex dish. The ravioli was filled with a punget cheese.

Pan-seared  sea bass with spinach, pine nuts, crispy pancetta and balsamic vinaigrette (660).

Basil  crusted rack of lamb with mashed potatoes, fava beans and truffle pecorino  cheese crumble (1200). Cooked bloody the way it should be.

Tirami su biscotti classic mascarpone cheese mousse with lady  finger sponge and coffee marsala wine (230).

Limoncello zuccotto  creamy tuscan dessert filled with raspberries and  lemon twist, crispy nougatine and sorbet (260)

Warm apple tart thinly sliced granny smith apple over crispy dough, sprinkled with  cassonade sugar and vanilla ice cream (250)

Sicilian  cannolo with berries and green chili syrup (260)

Daniele carefully saucing the Basil Crusted Lamb

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  2. This is one of the few true gems in the Duluth Superior food scene. I love this place, just had the egg salad because I was not feeling like eating meat and it was delicious.

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