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Bounce is a trampoline park; located right in the center of Ratchadaphisek road. Situated in The Street Mall, it offers very unique experience for people of all ages. The trampoline park has many zones from free jumping, the wall, slam dunk, big bag, dodge ball, high performance trampolines and the super tramp.

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Slam dunk was real fun; only few people can dunk but with some help from the trampoline, it was pretty easy for anyone. If you want to get high as of being real high, the high performance trampolines will do just that.


On top of being 3 meter above the floor you will feel much higher when you look down to the open atrium 3 stories below. One of the rule is one trampoline per person so this prevents accidents and overcrowding, making it a very pleasant experience.

Another part of Bounce is “Clip and Climb”; it’s artificial cliffs. There are many unique types of walls to climb under the safety of automatic rope that prevents climbers from falling. The 3 story free fall slider will make you think twice evening for adrenaline junkies. Climbing involves brawn and brains; it’s like figuring out a puzzle which route to take to climb up the fastest and most efficient.

Who doesn’t want to be in shape these days, jumping continuously and climbing are both aerobic and anaerobic exercise for the whole body. Adding the bonus of the extra high from the adrenaline rush, it’s a perfect way to spend the time. Bounce is one of those few places that when you leave you’ll be in better shape than when you come in.
For pricing, I would recommend online booking which will save you 100 baht from original price of 490 baht for adults and 390 baht for children; more information here

* prices are subject to change, please check venue directly

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