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| August 8, 2014


Our culinary journey recently took us to Breeze, lebua. We have memorable experience dining in other restaurants of the Tower Club at lebua before, so we were excited to dine at Breeze, where we heard rave reviews about the Executive Chef Sam Pang innovative yet authentic Chinese cuisine.


Unlike most Chinese restaurant in Bangkok, Breeze is located on the 51st -52nd floor, which offers a breathtaking view of Bangkok Skyline as well as the Chao Phraya River. For the evening we ordered the Chef’s tasting menu (4300 ++ baht with an option for wine pairing for additional 2500 ++ baht) and some a la carte from the main menu. We also order some an item from the 2020 menu, futuristic Chinese cuisine that Chef Pang envisions in 2020.

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We started with the some interactive cocktail drinks. Our mixologist explained all the complicated steps and ingredients.


Fire- Havana rum, macerated dried fruits, Cognac, raspberry, refreshing sorbet and fire. The fire helped to tone down the alcohol content. This drink was very refreshing and still had a nice kick.



Experiment- Gin, melon liqueur, aloe vera, guava, passion fruit, basil seeds or Vodka, Blue Curacao, pepper-cinnamon, pink grape fruit, pineapple and vanilla. Another refreshing fruity cocktail but this one was so complicated it reminded us about chemical lab in high-school.


Ronald Rueda Ramirez the head mixologist at Le Bua was the person behind these drinks created another level of cocktail experience. It really impressed someone like me, who don’t really like cocktails.


Assorted condiments (from left to right): garlic chili sauce, soy sauce with chili, onion ginger sauce, red vinegar chili sauce, curry sauce. Amuse bouche: Cherry tomatoes in plum sauce and melon in orange sauce. Both were quite refreshing.


Tasting menu: Shallot pancake topped with fresh water river prawns in coconut-lemon sauce bacon bits and the much prized Ossetra cavier.  The prawns were perfectly cooked and the lemon sauce reminded us of sweet and sour sauce only it tasted smoother and tangier.


2020 menu: Appearance is the name of this grand dish (3,490++ baht). Our server explained that the middle item is the moon and the surrounding items are the stars. The middle was uni or sea urchin in curry sauce on a rice ball. The taste was splendid, luscious with a mild curry sauce. Maine lobster in champagne sauce (description clockwise started from bottom left) topped with cavier. The sauce was very much like butter sauce that covered the sweet lobster meat. Baby squid with mayo wasabi: the squid was crunchier than we expected almost like pork rind, quite an interesting texture. Tomatoes and avocado salad with a scent of kaffir lime topped with abalone fruit sauce. The abalone was tender while the avocado and tomatoes salad was creamy. Foie gras barbeque sauce topped with salmon roe. Creamy perfectly seared foie gras went well with sweet and tangy barbeque sauce. Alaskan king crab meat deep fried served with sweet and sour sauce and topped with bonito. Crunchy texture on the outside batter was nice but the highlight would be the sweet crab meat. Prawn dimsum with truffle. The scent of truffle was quite noticeable but we were not sure if it matches with the prawn dumpling. Last but not least, deep fried fin de claire oyster with curry sauce. The batter was crispy but the creamy oyster was not overcooked, a nice execution of this item. The curry sauce certainly enhanced the flavor of the oyster.


Tasting menu: Sri Lankan mud crab meat ball with double boiled sardine-pineapple clear soup. The crab meat ball has a nice soft texture, while the soup was very refreshing, with a bit of sweetness from the pineapple.


A la carte: Breeze signature duck salad (810++baht) Crispy duck topped with mix micro greens and sweet plum dressing. A very nice tasty plum dressing that went well with crispy duck skin.


Wine for the night was Lebua’s own brand, cabernet sauvignon 2011, a full bodied wine that went well many items we ordered.



Tasting menu: Charcoal grilled snow fish with Korean black garlic, shimeiji mushrooms and truffle jus. The fish was perfectly grilled, the skin was crispy while the meat was moist and tender.


A la carte: Wok-fried Brittany lobster with shallots, lemongrass-yellow bean sauce (2,890++baht). Very tender and sweet lobster cooked to perfection. The lemongrass permeated the meat and provided a nice glaze.


Charcoal grilled Chilean seabass (1,290++baht) serve with Chinese kale, chives, and supreme soy sauce. The green chives color coated and mildly scented the tender and luscious fish fillet. The sweet soy sauce-reminded us of Japanese teriyaki sauce- accentuated the fish and Chinese kale.


Kurobuta pork tenderloin (1,290++baht) with spicy yellow bean sauce. Looked like a simple pork dish but the tenderloin was very juicy and flavorful. One of our top favorite dishes for the evening.



A la carte: Breeze seafood fried rice (750++baht) fried rice with assorted seafood and ebiko. The secret to all successful fried rice is the heat that is powerful enough to create that unique aroma. This fried rice certainly aromatic that the seafood did not really matter.


A la carte: Chocolate lava cake vanuari 63 % (520++baht). To die for chocolate lava served with match ice cream. Of course this is not Chinese in any way.


Tasting menu: Lychee and yuzu with crumble, meringue sherbet foam. A very light and refreshing dessert, perfect ending for the feast.


A la carte: Pearls and caviar (480++ baht). A refreshing dessert that included items like coconut cavier, cantaloupe noodles, passion fruit pearls, spice soup and basil sorbet.

We mentioned this before and we have to reiterate again that the staffs at lebua are very well trained; the service was very attentive and impeccable. To be sure the food is creative and absolutely delicious but the view alone adds a whole new dimension to the typical Chinese cuisine as we know it. The glittering skyline, laid-back ambience made the entire dining experience truly memorable. We are not sure if the 2020 that Chef Pang has imagined would include this splendid ambience but it would be nice if in the future Chinese restaurant could focus more on the ambience.

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