Bulakorn Spa & Massage

| January 16, 2012

Address:99 Sukhumvit Road soi 6, Klongtoey Bangkok 10110 Thailand
Tel. 022079999

Bulakorn Spa & Massage is located at the Grand Sukhumvit Hotel. The homey ambiance with earth tone furnishing makes a comfortable feeling once inside. I was welcome by khun Walaiporn the spa manager. She nicely introduced me to all the treatments they are offering. One in the many treatments caught my attention “The Bulakorn Signiture Body Treatment”. It is a combination of many treatments, a foot bath, a steam, Sesame body scrub, Sesame body wrap, jacuzzi bath, and Sesame oil massage. All treatments together takes 3 hours.

The treatment started with a foot bath. Then the steam shower. The steam room was small only for one person but had a shower built in. A hot steam with a shower is always enjoyable. After the nice steam it  was time for the Sesame body scrub. My therapist khun Sunan did a great job with the scrub. It was a rare one, the sesame scrub mixture was design to be dried quickly so the therapist can scrub until the mixture dries up. What this does is, you can actually see and feel dead skin come off from this process. What is left is bright shinny new skin which does show immediately. For the wrap, it was a mixture of herbs and sesame blended together, it was applied to the whole body then warped with plastic and covered with many layers of blanket only the head was not covered. The body heat adds up combined with the warp mixture is suppose to be a detoxing process but it wasn’t very comfortable. So for this 20 minute treatment I ask to go short, I can only bear 10. Once I got out of the warp it felt much better, this is probably the idea, to feel better after the warp. The jacuzzi equipment here is very nice and very up to date. The one I had was a large one person unit with electronic controls. For The oil massage Khun Sunan was very gentle. The long soft pressure from the palm was mild and thorough. It was relaxing but if you’re a massage enthusiast that is used to strong massages, it could be too mild.

The whole treatment actually took about 3.5 hours. There was no rush at all. Everyone is welcoming here. If I were to come back I would definitely take the sesame scrub again.

At-bangkok Ratings:
Ambiance: 3
Treatment: 3.5
Service: 4
Value: 3.5

Recommended treatment
Bulakorn Signiture Body Treatment

-Foot Bath
-Sesame Body Scrub
-Sesame Body Wrap
-Sesame Oil Massage
3hrs     4,000 Baht

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