Everything You Need to Know About Casinos in Bangkok before Spinning the Wheels

| April 7, 2019

The cultural fabric of Bangkok spells of beautiful beaches, delectable dishes and amazing tourist destinations. But, besides the elements that we just mentioned as part of Bangkok’s culture, there is another interesting element that we missed mentioning. The element that we are talking about is gambling. Tourists who are looking for an escape from their monotonous bucket-list might want to indulge in some safe gambling activities or visit a few casino houses just for the grandeur of them. And if you happen to be one of those tourists or someone who is interested to know what gambling is like in Bangkok, there are a few things that you must keep at the back of your mind while perusing the thought. For the sake of your enlightenment and so that you stay away from unnecessary legal troubles while in Bangkok, we have gathered a few points for you to go through.


The Nature of Gambling in Bangkok:

We shall begin our discussion on gambling and casinos in Bangkok by providing you with an insight into the nature of gambling in Bangkok and all the laws related to the sphere. To begin with, gambling in Bangkok is considered to be illegal. As a matter of fact, gambling in any shape or form, in Thailand is not permissible by law. If you are caught indulging in gambling or visiting any casino in the country, you might have to suffer severe consequences. But, this has not stopped Bangkok from building casino houses or indulging in various forms of gambling. These are illegal but still run in underground malls, apartment spaces and the like.
Speaking of the gambling laws in Bangkok, according to the Gambling Act of 1935, any form of gambling is considered illegal under the lists A and B, which means that betting on animals or sports and engaging in various table games are strictly prohibited. Once caught indulging in gambling, you might have to end up paying an enormous fine and also serve a sentence of three years of imprisonment. There are various other acts that rule out purchasing and manufacturing playing cards, especially if they are illegal. Bangkok has seen several such cases where tourists have been caught red-handed visiting illegal casinos and indulging in variations of gambling. These tourists had to face severe consequences like fines and deportations in a few cases.

Are there Casinos Near Bangkok?

There are several casinos located around the borders of Bangkok, and those that are completely safe and legal. Bangkok itself has many casino houses, but these houses operate illegally and in the mall and office spaces to evade the hawk-eyes of the law. Therefore, it is essential that you avoid these casinos in Bangkok at all costs if you are to stay away from legal hassles. Instead, visit the ones that fall beyond the boundary of the city so that you can have your share of fun without ruining your life.

How About the Live Online Casino Dealers?

For people who are still not happy with the option of visiting casinos near Bangkok, here is something that you can do. There is a plethora of live casinos, like www.usgamblingsites.com, that you can look up from your fancy hotel room in Bangkok. There is absolutely no need to break your head over the scarcity of casinos in Bangkok. You can always count on the internet for the same. However, be careful before registering on one of these sites to indulge in a few casino games. Not all of them are authentic, and you must do some research before you sign-up. For the sake of your understanding, here are a few online casinos that you can always sign-up to without the fear of being scammed. BetWinner, Live Casino House and Happy Luke are some of the most authentic online casinos that can help you satiate your cravings for gambling to a large extent. You can indulge in these online casinos just for fun, or if you want, you can also win a handsome amount from these games. Plus, these online casinos have such variety when it comes to gambling that it is not possible to run out of new games and be bored.

In a Nutshell:

Gambling has never been seen in a positive light and for good enough reasons. Several cases have been reported from all parts of the world that sheds light upon how compulsive gambling behavior has ruined many lives and spun a web of legal and financial complications. Gambling for fun always comes as a welcome relief to break the redundancy of lives. Everyone looks for ways to beat stress and find newer forms of entertainment. And when that fun is accompanied by some extra income, the excitement truly doubles. There is no harm in engaging in a few casino games. The problem, however, begins when you start spiraling out of control and are unable to restrain your gambling habits. And this is probably the main reason why a few countries like Thailand have strict laws against gambling. But, if you are planning a visit to the country and want to have your fair share of fun at the casinos, you can always look for inspiration from the points mentioned in the article.

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