Channel Your Inner Thrill-Seeker and Discover Thailand In a New and Exciting Way with Red Bull and Team Farang

| April 18, 2023

Thailand is undoubtedly one of Southeast Asia’s most renowned countries to spend a getaway. From the delicious food, the nightlife, and the hospitable people, it is no secret why it’s considered a no-brainer destination for tourists and locals alike. In an attempt to create new exciting experiences and raise awareness of the beauty of Thailand’s hidden, spectacular sceneries, parkour team Team Farang, founded in Thailand, stepped up to the plate and did not disappoint.


While immersed in the heart of the country’s breathtaking wilderness, Red Bull athletes Jason Paul and Dominic Di Tomasso, along with fellow Team Farang members Anan Anwar, Joe Scandrett, and Thailand’s own Montree “Spinboy” Bouwdok, were challenged to Run The Ship and take on a unique freerunning obstacle course in the form of an abandoned hotel ship.

According to Anan Anwar, co-founder of Team Farang, fellow teammate Jason Paul‘s love of photography and exploration gave birth to the concept of Run The Ship. The group was drawn to the intriguing history of a 7-story abandoned ship anchored just off a deserted white-sand beach, surrounded by a jungle of palm trees. When the idea was brought up, the group sprung at the opportunity to secure the location and carry out the project the way they visualized.  They were determined to add another layer to the ship’s history.

RTS_Photo_Lifestyle_02 - Team Farang

“The first challenge about using this location is that it’s truly HUGE! Trying to capture its epicness while also showing off finer details of the freerunners action was a tricky balance to hold. As always with freerunning, you never really know what the athletes are going to be able to do until the shooting day begins, so there is a lot of pressure to really make something special happen in the moment. “ Anan stated.RTS_Photo_TheAbandonedShip

The Rise of Urban Sports in Thailand

The urban sports scene quickly gained popularity over the years as it offered an incomparable amount of excitement that adrenaline junkies couldn’t get enough of. The rush of energy and the sense of accomplishment after successfully completing a difficult maneuver is something that athletes like Team Farang crave. It’s a feeling of being completely in the moment, free from worries and fears, and pushing oneself to the limit.

“I really hope people will appreciate how diverse a skill set freerunning really is. These athletes were brought to this ship without preparing anything, and we surprised them with all sorts of challenges that required very different strengths. Sometimes they needed to be fast or powerful, stylish, and sometimes creative in the moment. And they delivered on EVERY challenge.” Anan shared.

RTS_Photo_Action_03 - Jason Paul

For the athletes involved in this urban sport, freerunning is more than just a physical activity, it’s a way of life. It requires immense focus, strength, and agility to perform the impressive maneuvers that they do. Every jump, every roll, and every flip requires not only physical ability but also mental fortitude and fearlessness. Thailand recognized this transformation and capitalized on the opportunity by providing its stunning territories as a playground for people looking for an adrenaline fix.

“I also hope people will see how much fun we have while doing these challenges and pushing ourselves. It’s a really playful sport at its core, and I want people to see that side more, not just the extreme parts. I think a healthy parkour culture should have a balance of both.” Anan shared.


Both Red Bull and Team Farang are confident that the collaboration will inspire more travelers to visit and experience the excitement of urban sports in the country.

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