Chili Hip at Centara Watergate Pavilion

| December 23, 2013

Chili Hip at Centara Watergate Pavilion

We recently visited Pratu-nam (Thai word for watergate) to check out Chili Hip, the new rooftop dinning at Centara Watergate Pavilion. Pratu-nam area is known as one of the biggest wholesale clothing source in Bangkok, so it is lively throughout the day. We walk passed some shopping malls before we found the hotel entrance and our elevator to Chili Hip on the 20th floor. The atmosphere was quite relaxing, a lot different from the hustle and bustle on the streets. Unlike many tall roof tops we have visited, Chili Hip does not offer the view of Bangkok’s skyline. However, it offers a beautiful surrounding of tall building structures and bright lights, quite a unique view for a rooftop dining. We began our evening with drinks.


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Sweet chili drink

Sweet chili 220 baht, a non alcoholic mixed fruit drink, sweet and refreshing.

Tom Kha drink

Tom Kha Martini 300 baht, nice scent of Kha (Galanga) resemble a Tom Kha soup, the second most popular Thai Soup after Tom Yum.

Spicy kaffir lime drink

Red Chili 300 baht, a strong kick of blended alcohol with a nice scent of kaffir lime leaves. Very refreshing.

Lamb chops

Lamb chops with chilli cumin and coriander 450 baht. Lamb chops deep fried with a special batter that has roasted rice and other spices. This tasted similar to larb (a popular Northeastern Thai dish) but less pungent. The lamb chops were tender, while the batter was nicely fried and crispy with an extra crunch of the roasted rice. The dish went well with the yogurt dipping sauce as a cooling agent. One thing I would complain about is that the crust wasn’t flavorful enough to make this dish stand out.

Salmon sticky rice

Spicy salmon tartar with fried sticky rice 260 baht. Tasty salmon tartar with lots of red onion and a nice kick of hot chili. The lime juice in the sauce cooked the raw salmon just barely, so we still tasted the rawness we like in salmon.

spicy beef salad

Spicy beef tagliata (sliced steak) 290 baht. Sliced tender beef  mixed with spicy dressing, chili, cucumber, red onion and coriander. The beef was grilled to perfection (medium rare) and the sauce was almost perfect if it was less sweet. The salmon tartar and the beef salad went well with the fried sticky rice. Obviously, these two dishes were an upscale version of Northeastern Thai food or Isaan food.

Duck ravioli

Duck stuffed ravioli with red curry sauce 220 baht. Don’t let the look of this ravioli fool you. It isn’t just another Italian dish. The spicy curry sauce added a nice flavor to the well executed ravioli. Our only complain is there should be some extra roasted duck on top of this dish. Frankly, the duck and the curry sauce would be a nice meal on its own.

mussamun meatballs

Lamb meatballs and potato panang curry 240 baht. The lamb meatballs and the potatoes were tender.  A blend of spicy, savory, sweet, and nuttiness made this curry a favorite Thai dish to many people. Using lamb meatballs was a nice adaptation to this curry.

rad na

Seafood stew with crispy noodles 370 baht. Crispy noodle served with seafood in gravy sauce. The leading taste for the gravy was salty with a bit of sweet after taste. Submerged the crispy noodles in the gravy and we get the wonderful texture crispiness and juiciness in our mouth.  For those who know Thai-Chinese food, this dish is basically a well executed lard-nar.

steam seabass

Steamed seabass filet with coconut broth 260 baht. Tender and fresh seabass filet with coconut and galangal broth. This is again tasted similar to Tom Kha soup but it is not a soup. The fish almost melted in your mouth, a nice light dish.

Thai tea cake

We ended our nice dinner with two desserts items. Young coconut Thai Tea cake 200 baht. Nice scent of Thai tea with the texture of chopped coconut.

Choco dome


The chili dome 240 baht. Thin chocolate dome filled with spicy chocolate mousse served with almond croquant (caramelized sugar and almonds) and raspberry jelly. The spiciness of the chocolate made this dish interesting and unique.

Chili Hip offers a familiar Thai taste with some creative adaptations. With the seating capacity of only 64 people, this rooftop venue is very intimate and cozy, a nice place for a small gathering. A few steps up the stairs is Walk, which offers drinks, a large screen TV for sports fan and a resident DJ.


For more details contact:
Centara Watergate Pavillion Hotel Bangkok Phone:  +66 (0) 2625 1234

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