Chinese Sunday Brunch at the Imperial China

| December 19, 2011

We are always looking for places to do brunch. This time we found a place that focuses on only Chinese cuisine. The Imperial China restaurant is located at the Imperial Queen’s Park Hotel. The brunch is highlighted with some of these items: Shark fin soup, Peking duck, roasted duck and a wide variety of dim sum. Arriving pretty early at 11.30 am, the tables were almost full. The lively ambiance was nice but I can tell people are here for the food.

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The Hong Kong Master Chef Chu Hoi Hong spent years of his experience in Hong Kong before bringing his culinary expertise to Bangkok. His hard-working ethics, culinary creativity and attentive to details make his cuisine constantly exciting. Since there are so many items to choose from, we are not able to review them all. Here are some of our favorites:

Delicious salt and pepper fish filet, stir fried noodles with crab meat and Chinese broccoli.

Crispy Peking duck skin, spring onion and sweet sauce wrap with flour. While this is a classic dish in Chinese cuisine and almost every good Chinese restaurant have it, the taste and quality of Peking duck here is second to none.

Assorted plate: Braised goose feet, stir fried vegetable with dried scallop, crispy fried squid (fried calamari Chinese style)

The much valued and expensive shark fin soup. A bowl of this steamy hot soup will keep you warm during the December winter spell in Bangkok.

An assortment of dim sum: Sticky rice wrap in lotus leaves, crab claw in curry sauce and braised goose feet wrap with seaweed (dim sum style).

Crispy crepe noodle stuffed with pork and shrimp.


Perhaps the best crispy roasted pork and roasted duck you will ever find in Bangkok. Spicy Thai salad with fish maw (small plate).

We end our meal with a sweet dumpling stuffed with black sesame seed served in hot ginger drink.

Ginkgo nuts with Aloe Vera soup and crispy pancake stuff with Chinese prunes.

For die-hard fans of Chinese (Cantonese to be exact) cuisine out there, this place is not to be missed. Reservation is recommended. Call: 02 261 9000 for more details.

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