Cool down this summer with the “Khao Chae Spirit Jim Thompson”

| March 21, 2019
Jim Thompson is proud to present its favourite traditional summer treat: “Khao Chae Spirit Jim Thompson”, delicately and meticulously crafted by Chef Montri Virojnvechapant with the finest ingredients to a unique recipe and boasting a lavish array of nine side dishes, Ma Yong Chid Loy Kaew and a selection of Jim Thompson’s five signature herbal drinks. The “Khao Chae Spirit Jim Thompson” is being served from the 16th of March until the 15th of June, 2019.In the ancient times, as summer approached, “Khao Chae”was carefully crafted by the household chefs. The cooking appliances as well as all ingredients were selected from among the finest. A lavish array of side dishes needed to be prepared over the course of a few days. The gathering, the chaos, the sound of chopping and pounding, the smoke and the fragrance echoed throughout the house for more than a week before the family members, friends and guests came to enjoy Khao Chae together and cool off in the scorching heat of summer.Spirit-Jim-Thompson-Khao-Chae-2019-2

Khao Chae Spirit Jim Thompson is made with only selected premium ingredients and is prepared according to the traditional recipe to maintain its original value and taste. Our chefs are proud to cook, under the supervision of Chef Montri Virojnvechapant, with subtle delicacy to deliver the mild taste of the side dishes.


These are Fried Shrimp Paste Balls made with the paste of krill from Klong Clone Sub-District, Meaung District, Samutsongkram Province, crushed and mixed with grilled catfish meat, many more ingredients and plenty of finger root for the distinctive aroma; Fried Stuffed Shallots with Snakehead Fish made from tufted shallots from Srisaket Province, cut at the root and stuffed with dried snakehead fish meat from Ayutthaya Province then stir fried with shallots until the texture is smooth and the taste salty-sweet flavour, then battered and deep fried for a crispy finish; Stir-fried Preserved Radish with Egg made with sweet preserved radish from Ratchaburi Province, stir fried with chopped garlic and caramelised to give it a shine, then stir fried again with duck egg from Jim Thompson Farm; Stir-fried Sweet Spotted Eagle Ray containing sun-dried spotted eagle ray from Pranburi District, boiled, shredded and pounded until the meat is fluffy,  then stir fried with sugar and fried onion until fine and dry to the touch; Fried Sweet Spotted Eagle Ray Fins made with sun-dried spotted eagle ray fins from Pranburi District, soaked in water, steamed, pounded, shredded, deep fried and sprinkled with sugar; Crispy Beef or Pork Threads made from salted beef or pork, according to preference, then fried, shredded and mixed with seasoning sauce and fried onion; Fried Ground Pork and Threadfin Fish made with high-quality threadfin fish from Pranburi District, mixed with minced pork loin, steamed, cut into bite-sized pieces, dipped into an egg wash and deep fried; Fried Stuffed Dried Chilli with Sweet Snakehead Fish, stuffed with dried snakehead fish meat from Ayutthaya Province, stir fried with shallots until the taste is salty-sweet, then stuffed inside the cut and dried chilli and battered and deep fried for a crispy finish; and Stuffed Green Peppers filled with a well-seasoned mixture of minced shrimp and pork loin, steamed and wrapped in a lacy egg wrap made from duck eggs from Jim Thompson Farm.


The array of nine side dishes are enjoyed with boiled, whitened and steamed Sao Hai Rice, soaked in chilled scented water with Jasmine and Bread Flower petals and baked overnight with aroma candle smoke, along with finger root, sweet and sour mango, cucumber and spring onion and served with Ma Yong Chid Loy Kaew (Peeled Thai Plango in Syrup) for dessert along with a selection of our five signature herbal drinks.

The set of Khao Chae Spirit Jim Thompson with Ma Yong Chid Loy Kaew will cool you down in the scorching heat of summer and bring you joy with delicious food crafted from the heart of all at Spirit Jim Thompson. It’s priced at THB 950+ for dine-in and THB 1,450 for a gift set featuring the food in a rattan box wrapped with Jim Thompson Silk, available from the 16th of March until the 15th of June, 2019.  The daily number of Khao Chae Spirit Jim Thompson sets is limited.  Contact us and reserve one day in advance at Spirit Jim Thompson, Soi Somkid, close to Chidlom BTS Station. Tel: 0-2017-7268–9


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