Deja vu Romance at a Bargain

| December 14, 2011

Deja vu Romance at a Bargain
Address:2nd floor at Pullman Bangkok King Power, 8/2 Rangnam Road, Thanon-Phayathai, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400
Phone: +66 (2) 680 9999
Operating Hours : Open Tuesday to Sunday Only evening, from 7 pm. To 11 pm.

Photo : Vasin Srivarathanabul , Francois Eyck
Text : Chotima  Jumpa.















































At our large bright red circular table there is a large column engraved with the Thai alphabet from the Sukhothai period. All three of us decided to order different type items and share them together. Before we had a chance to order Mr. Thanin the restaurant  manager recommended us an australian wine “Chardonnay down under 2007″. It was nice, fruity a bit sweet, very easy to drink and refreshing a good start for the meal. The short wine menu offer wines from all regions around the world at a very attractive price, around 170 baht per glass and 900 baht per bottle. One of the cheapest priced wine list in Bangkok at a 5 star hotel restaurant. After a while we had the opportunity to meet the sous chef Cyrille Vero who recommended us an interesting menu which begins with 4 variety of Foie Gras Terrine which are served with country bread. “Oxtail Foie Gras served with Blueberry chutney”, it has a chewy and strong taste from the oxtail. “Lobster Terrine Foie Gras with pear and cinnamon chutney” was a perfect combination, the lobster was sweet and went along well with the foie gras. “Nuts Terrine Foie Gras with chestnut chutney”, the nuts over powered the foie gras. “Homemade Terrine served with salt and pepper chutney”, we like this one the most, the smooth and delicate taste of Foie Gras went well with the coarse salt and pepper providing a tasteful crunch in every bite. This particular dish is not on the menu, it is combination of starters the chef specially prepared just for us, but it can be ordered in singles (see sample menu).


























Foie Gras Terrines

After we finished the starter courses, it’s now time for the main dishes. Again, the attentive manager suggested “Mosaico” Syrah/Malbec 2008. First dish is “Poached cod fish with beetroot and broccoli, saffron lobster sauce” and we can say that we were impressed by the presentation of this dish; the fish was wrapped with beet root during process of cooking, making the white meat an appealing pink on the outside. The fish was a bit over cooked, making it not as good as it looked. Followed by a large pot of “Slow cooked chicken bresse and Canadian lobster with vegetable served in cocotte lutee”, you can probably call this a soup. We have to say the chicken and lobster are a bit tough probably because the two meats have different cooking periods. But the soup that came with it was very interesting; a mixture of Thai herbs, lobster bisque and chicken stock. The last main course is “Beef cheek stew served with garlic mash potato and taro chip”. Beef cheek is a combination of tendon, fat and meat, it was slowly braised with wine, for at least 6 hours. The magic of this process gave us a dish to die for. The beef was tender almost gelatin like served with a wine reduction sauce, very flavorful. This is the dish you have to order if you are dining here.











Poached cod fish with beetroot and broccoli, saffron lobster sauce















Slow cooked chicken bresse and Canadian lobster with vegetable served in cocotte lutee














Beef cheek stew served with garlic mash potato and taro chip

We were almost full and forgot all about the sweets. The desserts is where this place shines. The chef prepare three large  desserts for us. “Orange tropezienne and orange sherbet”; the light orange mousse filled inside the orange shell (peel) was creamy not too sweet, went along well with orange sherbet and tropezienne bread which is crunchy outside and soft inside..

“Chocolate blackberry nirvana and passion fruit sherbet”; the chocolate ball was a hard shell it had to be frozen to be form this way. To serve it had to be thawed to the right temperature. It was a really interesting presentation which chocolate shell had to be cracked to reveal the inside which was filled with rich blackberry, yogurt mousse and blueberry cake. The last one, “Home made ‘Nutella’ bugne with chocolate cake, burned bread ice cream”;  the burned bread ice cream is a mixture of caramel and vanilla but with a burnt scent and a crunch from the bread, a very unique flavor. From the 39 years of having ice cream this is the first time for me. The thick nutella (chocolate hazel nut) covered with a mixture of caramelizes nuts are rich and flavorful.

Whether Déjà vu means coming here often, having the same good experience over and over again or totally somethingelse. We would have to say it is a fine dining experience or even a little romance if you are with the right person at a bargain.





































Chocolate blackberry nirvana and passion fruit sherbet

Home made ‘Nutella’ bugne with chocolate cake, burned bread ice cream

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