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A Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition

Gossip Gallery @Silom Galleria
proudly presents . . . .
‘Positive+ Grace ’
a Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition
by Bangkok-based Japanese artist 

‘. . .  if it weren’t for the beauty and grace of Thai flowers,
this collection would not have been realized . . .’ 

‘. . . Positive+ is the key to Kasumi’s success in this collection.
When combining with Grace, the result is stunting!’
Although influenced by Japanese culture, Thailand and the natural beauty of Thai flowers have had the most significant impact on Kasumi Katagiri’s latest collection of work entitled ‘Positive+ Grace’.  Despite her Japanese upbringing, this Bangkok-based artist now considers the City of Angeles as her ‘home’.  Bangkok is where she has lived with her husband for more than a decade.  According to Kasumi, ‘If this collection were influenced solely by Japan, it would have a different feeling.’  Japan’s 4 seasons determine when flowers will bloom.  For example, the famous Cheery Blossoms, or ‘Sakura’, bloom only two weeks in April before they disappear for a year.  Thai flowers by contrast, blossom all year around and project a sustained and hearty beauty that is far less impacted by the passing seasons. 
‘Positive+ Grace’ took Kasumi more than 4 years to create.  After countless failed attempts to create an original style she could call her own, Kasumi was about to give up her quest when she was inspired by a simple plant in her own garden.  What resulted was this extraordinary ceramic collection.
‘Ever since I moved to Thailand with my husband in the late 90’s, my life has been blessed and influenced by beautiful Thai flowers.  I’ve noticed on numerous occasions that plants here are well rooted and strong.  No matter how many times they are accidentally trod on or cut, they somehow find a way to grow back with even more beauty and vigor.’
The natural vitality and beauty of these plants motivated Kasumi to create a collection that she can now call her own. ‘I often compare my life to a plant.  Although I’ve been interested in art since I was young, my road to success in pottery was never been paved with a bed of roses. I tried my hand at designing, painting and illustrating.  However these art forms have never given me the satisfaction that ceramics does!  Nevertheless I have sometimes doubted my decision to pursue pottery professionally; possibly because I started down this path at a late age.  But after learning the art of pottery and having been able to create beautiful works with my own two hands, I know that I am on the right path!’
  Kasumi never wanted to make pots like everyone else.  She has known for a long time that she wanted to do something which is unique and original.  She has spent countless hours over the years developing a unique style that she can now call her own. After 20 years of learning that has produced both failure and success, today the results speak for themselves. 
In creating ‘Positive+ Grace’, Kasumi Katagiri has used her pottery expertise to create her own glaze techniques and distinctive colors that have become her unique trademarks.  To achieve these one-of-a-kind shades and colors, the artist never uses artificial coloring or manufactured substances.  Instead, she creates her own ‘recipes for color’ by mixing just the right amount of natural minerals (like iron and quartz crystals).  This procedure wasn’t easy to develop and required endless experiments.  After achieving just the right shades and colors, Kasumi painstakingly paints each design directly onto the ceramic surface, as if it were a canvas.  ‘After 20 years of experimentation in ceramic art, it has been my dream to create colors and a technique that I can call my own.  I hope that everybody who has an opportunity to see my work will experience the positive energy, grace and strength that I have tried to project’ she concludes.
 ‘Positive+ Grace’ is Kasumi’s 6th solo exhibition in Bangkok and her first in more than 4 years.  The exhibition, which features 25 ceramic masterpieces, will be shown from now until July 17th, at Gossip Gallery @Silom Galleria (BTS:  Surasak Station).  ‘Positive+ Grace’ is clearly one of the most beautiful, contemporary ceramic art exhibitions ever to grace Thailand.  
All Kasumi’s ceramic works are available for purchase.  For more information on the Kasumi Katagiri’s amazing ceramic creations, should contact Khun Siripa Chotchung at (02) 237-5568 and (089) 450-4549 or Khun Chonticha Choochart at (081) 440-3896 or visit the Gallery’s website: Email address: gossipgallery@gmail.comGossip Gallery is open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.; Sunday viewings are by appointment only. 

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Updated :08 June 2010
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