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Golden Mount

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Wat Saket's(sometime spelled "Wat Srakes") major feature is The Golden Mountain. This artificial hill was made out of mud and brick by King Rama III (1800s). Then King Rama IV started the construction of the Chedi at the summit. It was not like what it is today. Later on King Rama V added more structure to complete the Golden Mountain. And of course during that time until now minor renovation and constructions took place.

Admission is free except for the final approach to the top, which cost 10 baht. Open daily from 8:00 am. to 5:00 pm. Tel. (02)621-0576, (02)233-4561

The only way to get up the golden mountain is by foot. Approximately 500 meters in diameter 100 meters high, the climb is gradual with many things to see. The stair forms itself around the mountain. There are two sets of stairs one on the north the other on the south. Each sets of stairs has 344 steps.
With all the luscious vegetation covering the mountain it is a cool walk and quite enjoyable one. At some point you can see the top of the Chedi. It should be recognized how amazing it is to have a large man made mountain when considering the low flat land topography of Bangkok.
Once reached the entrance you are will see many Buddha images. This is where locals come to worship and pay respect as a ritual to Buddhism religion.
At the center of the compound inside the large golden Chedi consist the Chedi for worship and pay respect by applying gold leaf to the Chedi.
It is very rewarding to reach the peak that offers a panoramic view of Bangkok. It is very rare to get a bird's eye view of Bangkok in the Phra Nakhon or Rattanakosin Island area, because of building code restrictions. It is to prevent new buildings from causing obstructions of view to the many historical monuments in this area.
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