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Ao Nang Krabi

Many tourists when talking about Krabi think of a province where collect more than 100 attractive islands. Anyway, not only islands, the coasts of Krabi also look great, such as Ao Railay, and Ao Nang. Though not as fantastic as Ao Raylay, Ao Nang is a favorite place of Krabi tourists as many businesses-restaurants, bars, banks, travels agencies, etc.-are located there. Besides sun-bathing and swimming in dawn, you can hang out with friends in such restaurants and bars in dusk. What you can eat here is varied, from sea food, Italian food to McDonald! If you are too lazy to find other restaurants, you can have a meal from the hotel you stay as most of hotels also have their own restaurants with not much different costs from other restaurants. Hotels and resorts here have many classes, from 150 baht to 9,900 (approximately).
The transportation is quite comfortable. Tourists may get a service from a public mini bus in a reasonable price, (well, I can't say it's cheap but it's acceptable in a tourist area) or a taxi in a higher cost to be more comfortable. Another choice for tourist is renting a motorcycle, only 200 baht a day, then you can travel around the beach, also other tourist places. To go to islands: Phi Phi Island, Bamboo Island, Chicken Island, and others, You can buy a package tour from loads of travel agencies. It's very comfortable as you have many choices-private tour or public, boats or speed boats-of course, different choices have different costs. These prices include scubas fruits and other comforts for tourists. In case of going to islands of Krabi by yourself, there're boats of local people waiting for you on the beach.
The cost of living in Ao Nang is quite high as it's a business area like Pattaya or Patong Beach in Phuket. As a result, some native tourists may complain about high prices of food or services (even McDonald is more expensive than in Bangkok). This maybe one thing tourists who are planning to travel in Ao Nang should know.
The guards in front of the Palace attract tourist with their calmness, stillness and a deep feeling how aggressive they are suppose to be, make the Palace appear so important. At some point, I think they enjoy it when they are on duty.
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