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Phu Phra Bat Historical Park, Udon Thani

Address:Phu Phra Bat Historical Park
There are ten archaeological sites in Thailand that have been announced Historical Park. One of those with the least human construction stands in the middle of a beautiful forest surrounding is Phu Phra Bat Historical Park.

Phu Phra Bat is 3,000- 2,500 years old ancient ruin located on the hill in Tambon Muangphan, Amphoe Baanphue, Udon Thani with an area of 3,430 rais. Phu Phra Bat means the hill where Lord Buddhas foot print is installed. There are two of them Prabhuddabat Buabok and Royprabat Langtao.

Besides the two sacred places mentioned above, what has really attracted people to come here are the amazing group of historical natural rock formation that will surprise visitors of how nature works against gravity. The unusual rock formations occurred many million years ago when there was ice covering this area. The ice melted away exposing the cantilever rock formation it is to day.
Since then it was occupied by many people in different periods. Starting from the prehistoric period, people of Neolithic age used it for a scared ground for animism ceremonies. The cave painting of animals was evidence of that period. Then in the Taravati period people started to build and crave on top the natural existing rock formation. Creating more human functional spaces based on the Buddhist religion.

It was a Buddhist scared holy ground similar. Evidences are Buddhist statue made from sculpting large stone wall. Bai-sama; boundary markers surrounding the temple made of carving stone. This is similar to today usage of Bai-sama to mark primary temple or the ubosot of a Buddhist compound.

There about 20 different rock formations. All of them have spaces that relate to human scale. The cantilever rock formations are astonishing, It is a weird and alien like space. Named based to a folk tale of Usa Baros. The tale is well known in the region of I-san, Laos, and Cambodia. When people discovered what is Phu Phra Bat today, they tried to relate it to the tale.
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Phu Phra Bat Historical Park, Udon Thani
There are ten archaeological sites in Thailand that have been announced Histori...

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