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Nam Noeng Sausages

Nam Noeng Sausages: Northeastern food (I-San food) influenced by Vietnam

During the Indochina war, Vietnamese, Laotians, Cambodians, and Thais were traveling and communicating among themselves a lot as if there was no boundary between four countries. In 1923-1931, a Vietnamese hero named Ho Chi Minh, who later on had an importance role in calling for Vietnams independence, migrated to northeastern part of Thailand; moving from Pichit to Sakonnakhon and finally settled down in Muang, Nakhon Phanom.
Many Vietnamese who respected and adored Ho Chi Minh had followed him to Nakhon Phanom and established a large Vietnamese community preserving their own language, tradition, religion, as well as cuisine. Until today, as a result, Vietnamese food has become local food in Nakhon Phanom and many others provinces nearby especially Nam Noeng which is famous for its nutrition and taste.
The word Nam Noeng is altered from Vietnamese word meaning roasted pork and vegetable. Its meaning helps us imagine the appearance of the dish well. How to make Nam Noeng is very easy. Just combine marinate-chopped pork belly with fish sauce, sugar, and other ingredients you may wish such as pepper. Shape it into balls; put them together in skewers; and grill until lightly brown. Nam Noeng is eaten with thin rice paper, softens by soaking in water and diced fresh vegetable: fresh garlic, raw mango, raw banana, star fruit, and cucumber. Due to large amount of vegetable used, Nam Noeng is well-known for its nutrition.

Many provinces near Mekong River such as Nakhon Phanom, Nong Khai, Mokdaharn and Udon Thani have accepted Nam Noeng as a local food and marketed it as local product for visitor to bring back home, or as a ready to eat package for a picnic or a road trip.
This is a famous nam noeng shop in Udon Thani called VT. They are sold in boxes with all types vegetables and rice paper. From seeing their shop, it looks like they sell so many, they have a factory producing it.
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