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Phra That Luang Vientiane, Laos

Throughout the history close relationships between Thais and Laotians, as it is said like brother and sister, is an important reason for convenient communications and transportation between people of the two countries. It currently enables us to go to Laos via all three paths: Mekong River, roads, and airplane.
Approximately half an hour from Thailand to Vientiane, the capital city of Laos located in the Mekong Valley, we can enjoy the beauty and friendliness culture of local people. Built in the 16th century, Phra That Luang Vientiane is the National symbol of Laos which has influence on the way of life and believes of Laotians. Phra That Luang was believed to be built by Chantaburisriprasitthisak, the Vientiane’s first leader, together with five Buddishts monks in order to house 26 relics of the Lord of Buddha.
The temple has been arranged into three zones. The first zone, north of the temple, is where Phra That Luang or Lokka Chula Manee Chedi located. There had been several restorations of which the most significant and biggest one was in the King Chai Chetta Thiraja’s era. Phra That Luang is Lan Chang-style golden pagoda surrounded by thirty smaller pagodas on the same base believed to represent thirty merits of the Lord Buddha. All-day reflection from sunlight of the Phra That is very gorgeous and impressed by all tourists.
The second zone is a big field where on one side is situated the Great Memorial of King Chai Chetta Thiraja wearing the ancient costume of Lao’s King. In the old time, this ground was used for the same purpose of Sanam Luang in Thailand that is only for the royal ceremonies.
The third zone, south of the temple, is a location for temple hall and residence for monks.

Annually two days before the Loy Kratong Day, Laos would organise Phra That Luang Vientiane Festival. Recommendation time to visit the site is between 4-6 pm when we could enjoy the spectacular scene of sunset behind the pagoda.
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