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Cooking Class @ Four Seasons

Address:155 Rajdamri Road., Bangkok 10330 Thailand
Phone:+662 250 1000
Fax :+662 253 9195
Like any other Asian people, the Japanese considers having a meal with their loved ones a perfect time to discuss about each other's activities, works and other interesting topics. Learning the basis of meal preparation for a Japanese family from a Japanese chef is something to look forward to.

Due to popular demand, a master chef Satoshi Sawada at Four Seasons Hotel, Bangkok, once again treats us with Japanese cooking course. With proper number of attendants and ample room, the atmosphere of this class is quite comfortable. Most of attendants come from different backgrounds: some are press like us, some are regular guests of the hotel and some are big fans of Chef Sawada.
Chef Satoshi Sawada at Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok
Chef Sawada began the class showing us the ingredients and describing the cooking method of each course. Once he finished the lecture, all attendants were allowed to ask questions. Chef Sawada and attendants enjoyed exchanging their opinions and sharing their experiences, making the ambiance of the class pleasant. Also, you can gain a lot from this session if you pay attention to it.

Then, it's time to cook. The first course Chef Satoshi prepared for us today is Chawamushi, a traditional Japanese streamed egg custard. If you know how to cook Thai stream egg, this might be easy because they are quite the same, just different in some details. To cook Chawamushi, a container with lid should be used and odorous meats like tuna and salmon should be avoided because they might overpower the flavor of egg.
The ingredients of Chawamushi and Wafu Maguro Salada
The second course is Wafu Maguro Salada, a sliced tuna sashimi with green salad and soy ginger dressing. If good diet is your concern, this course might be suit to you because it is low- fat and full of useful nutritions. Cooking this salad is not complicated at all: just mix everything together and serve it on a plate. Actually we think this menu is the easiest comparing to the other two. Just make sure that tuna is red, not shocking pink and vegetables should have three colors: green, yellow and red.

The last course is Tori Wasabi Teriyaki, a pan fried chicken flavored with soy sauce wasabi (Chef Sawada mentioned that teriyaki is originated from USA and adapted in Japanese style). In case you don't like to have wasabi, please note that other pungent spices, such as pepper or garlic, could be added instead.
We ended the day having lunch cooked by ourselves. Even though my Tori Wasabi Teriyaki was too salty and the sliced tuna shape was not very neat, but overall, they were quite good (at least we thought that way).

If you have no idea where to spend time on weekend, come to enjoy a sampling of a Japanese three-course family style meal and exchange your new-found knowledge with fellow participants. Who knows, if you are like me, one day you might become a good cook.
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