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Chi Spa

In Bangkok alone, there're hundreds of spa venues making the city a spa paradise. Because there're so many, now, many of them have developed and tried to make itself stands out from its kind in terms of the design of places, treatment and services. Today we got a chance to visit Chi spa at the Shangri-La to get a new experience in spa treatment.
"Chi" is the spa brand in the grand Shangri-La hotel by the Chao Praya River. "Chi" in Chinese means universal life force. Based on Asian Philosophy the spa emphasize on the one believing that human beings possess 5 elements making balance in each person's body. Such elements are wind, earth, fire, metal, and water. At a particular time, there's usually one prominent element according to certain conditions. The prominent elements can be changed but it can possibly stay prominent permanently. Before the treatment, we got to answer the consultation form in order to determine what element we possessed at that particular time. After filling the form, we found out that metal stands out. It's believed that the metal person is very caring and nurturing, into details and he/she tends to have stress on the shoulder.
Chi is the two-level spa venue located nearby the hotel lobby. The spacious spa lobby has wooden decoration. The dark alleyway lit with candle leads to the spacious treatment rooms one of which is the heaven-like suite called Karakal on the ground floor with extravagant alfresco massage area and a huge bath among the verdant Banyan tree and blossom orchid. The room is very special. If you want to receive the treatment in the suite, all you need to do is make a reservation prior to the arrival. Each treatment room occupies the orientation area, toilet, steam shower, dressing area with metal ornaments and accessories like bell, bowl which makes chi unique.
We finally met with our therapists who treated us with the Himalayan Tsangpo ritual which is the venue's new developed treatment. It is a long 150-minute body followed by the facial massage. Two treatment rooms which are Namka and Badkan are capable for this Himalayan Tsangpo ritual. The area for the treatment occupies the stone plinth, bath and the shower of falling streamlet as one of the room's decoration.

The body treatment was done on the warm stone plinth beginning with the Himalayan salt scrub and rinsed off with the splash of warm water. In this way, the body also got stimulated prior to the 15-minute red mud wrap. It's believed that this mud serves to beautify skin as well as bring luck and prosperity to the one who use it. Then we rinse the mud off with the 10-minute warm water bath. The only problem I had is the bath size which seemed to fit more with westerners. After the body treatment, we had the long 60-minute facial treatment which gave our skin with full nourishment.
Chi is one of the spa venues where it makes itself interesting with the creation of treatment adapted with the new facility. Chi spa is one of the alternatives that you should make a visit.
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