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Address:42 Soi Pichai-rongnarong-songkram, Sukhumvit 26 Rd,Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110

When we heard the name “Bo.lan” (in Thai means antique), we automatically thought that there has to be something “antique” about this place. But actually it is a combination of the owners’ names; Khun Duangporn Songvisava (Bo) and Mr. Dylan Jones (Dylan) And that was how the name “Bo.lan” formed. It is located on Soi Pichai-rongnarong-songkram, Sukhumvit 26 Rd. It is adapted one-story house with a terrace outside and a garden. The terrace was neat, furnished with dark wooden tables and chairs. It’d be a nice place to sit if the weather isn’t too warm. On the other hand, the inside is quite small. Surrounded by many different trees, this beautiful little house gave out not only a sense of relaxation but also mysterious charisma.
We were welcomed by Khun Ann, the manager. Khun Ann introduced us to a signature set menu called Bo.lan Balance and guaranteed that we would be satisfied with it.

Only a moment later, the first dish arrived. It was lovely decorated aperitif called Yadong Phya Suea, Thai Herbal liquor served with acid fruits such as sour mangoes and star gooseberries and pandanus juice. The next one was Bo.lan Amuse Bouche. This dish contains Pineapple in Tamarind Relish, Saengwa, Lahtieng, Grilled Pork Neck, and Quail Eggs. Each was served in a perfect bite sized pieces. It was appealing to the eye and also it was an appeal to the taste. After that, the main courses arrived. The first dish was Eggplant Salad with large river prawn. The prawn was cooked with perfection, not over done, the flesh had a bit of a crunch to it, and it was sweet. The head part came with a lot of moist fat that is very tasty. The second dish was Fermented Prawn and Pork Lon with stuffed banana blossom and vegetables. Another recommended dish is Keng Kee lek with Grilled Beef. The beef blended well with the curry. For Cheng Plakrai Thong Kamin with Southern Style Relish, the fish was fresh and well fried. However, there was still some scent of the dirt left in the fish. Apart from the said menus, you can also choose one of these soups; clear soup with cabbage and pork, Islamic style beef soup, and coconut milk curry with fried fish and prawn. There are also two choices of rice for you to choose from; Yasothon jasmine rice and Chompunil rice
After the main course we were very full, but we were spoiled with desserts, Somchun, variety of fruits in sweet-and-sour syrup with ice was served. After that more dessert came to our table, a tray of three varieties; crispy taro in a paper bag, Yokmanee (a type of Thai chewy dessert made from tapioca covered with shredded coconut) and sugar apple in coconut milk (Noina Buad Chee). Usually we use unripe banana to make this kind on dessert (Kluay Buad Chee), using sugar apple instead is very interesting. Lastly, they served us more Thai sweet including old-style toffee churns, Kao Krieb Wao, and Kanomping, etc.

While the having the food, we had a chance to talk to Khun Bo Duangporn Songvisava, the owners. They wanted to bring out true Thai taste in every dish without adapting to milder taste. They don’t want their food to loose its Thai taste. Khun Bo also told us that the signature set, Bo.lan Balance, shows that Thai cuisine doesn’t contain only spicy taste but also sour, sweet, and salty taste. Therefore, putting all the flavors together in the set lets the customers enjoy true Thai food with high nutrition.

We were surprised and over whelm how the food keeps coming to our table especially the desserts. The Bo.lan Balance offers a wide variety of taste. The food was outstanding. What is also interesting is the way they present Thai food in Western fine dinning rituals. Some of the dishes here can be hard to find anywhere else. If you come here, definitely try the Bo.lan Balance.
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Updated :15 June 2009
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