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Thailand's Fathers Day

The 5th of December is considered Thailand's Fathers day. The rest of the world has theirs' on the Third Sunday of June. Why are we different from the rest of the world? This day is our beloved King's birthday. 
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It is to honour the King as the ''Father of our Nation'', making it a national holiday and the nations fathers day. With all this mention this is not just any fathers day. It is a celebration troughout the country, as both the King's birth day and fathers day.  
A scene not to be missed is the ceremonies, one of it is when everybody all comes together to light the candles and sing all at once. An experience you need to see with your own eyes to really get what it's like. You can witness and experience this at almost every open air public area at 7 PM this happens throughout the country. The majority will gather on Ratchadamnoen Avenue in front of the AnantaSamakhom Building, other areas such as major roads, outside shopping malls where there are many people. Also, the King will give a speech to his people. He will talk about how he sees his people, and what we should be focussing on.

There will be cultural shows and festivals on Sanamluang. During the 3rd to the 7th of December 2009, but the decorative lighting of the building is continued and display until the new year. The street of Ratchadamnoen Avenue will be decorated with lights, sculptures, displays, and so will many of the buildings and homes. This carries out not only in Bangkok, but all across Thailand.

Area of the Lighting decorations and Festival

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