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Facebook Celebrity Vachini Krairiksh


Do you have a Facebook account?.....  Since this is an online publication, I’m sure many would say YES! Study shows, many users login daily sometimes hourly. It’s interesting to see what other people are doing. Sometimes it is fun to tell other people what we are doing or just express our thoughts. The feeling of getting a like or a positive comment is always rewarding. Throughout the years we’ve seen many wall posts, comments, likes. We see certain type of people that attracts a lot of comments, a lot of likes. These people have certain characters that make them interesting. At-Bangkok would like to get to know more about these people.

Beyond the smart wall post, party photos, and sometimes sexy photos, this time we get to know more about khun Nueng Vachini Krairiksh. She has just taken on the new position, 
Director of Social Affairs at the Muse Hotel Bangkok. Let’s see what she has to say.

AT-Bangkok: We know a lot of people know you already from you being in the medias and your Facebook profile. But we have wide range of readers. For the people who don't know please tell us about yourself?

Vachini: I agree that many people know me from the media and Facebook, but a lot of them don’t know the real me. As per my favorite quote “There are very few people in this world who know the REAL me, the rest of you know the me that I choose to let you see!” This has nothing to do with being pretentious. I’m a very straightforward and honest person, but what is personal and private, I like to keep private. I only share everything with the few people I love.
About myself? I’m just a hardworking businesswoman and a proud mother of a lovely son. I don’t like to be classified as ‘hi-so’, because this term has been misused in our Thai society. Hi-so people are not the ones who attend lavish parties appear in glossy magazines or appear to have a lot of money (not necessary always true), wearing designer clothes, carrying expensive designer bags and accessories.  If that’s the case, then I don’t want to be one. High-society is a birthright and not directly related to money, but how one is raised by a good family, with or without money. 
So far, I’m glad that I’m known as an individual and being accepted because of my achievements and character. I have to admit that my last name helps my PR career, but it requires other attributes and a strong personality to succeed and to be liked by other people. I pay respect to others and this is what I receive in return.

AT-Bangkok: Tell us about your facebook profile?
Vachini: My Facebook profile is quite similar to my diary, but again nothing too personal. I like to share my photos and some status updates, sometime my status updates can be funny, philosophical, inspirational or even business related. I’m trying not to express my personal feelings or emotions about work, because it can be dangerous for my career and image. We need to use Facebook wisely and efficiently, otherwise it can consume too much of our working day.
Using Facebook is part of my job description and importantly, since I’m a PR person, with a title "Director of Social Affairs" of Hotel Muse, I use it for the main purpose of creating brand awareness, increasing my database (mostly locals), developing awareness of Hotel events and issuing invitations, etc. 
It is a critical part of my daily communication with co-workers, colleagues and others within the industry.
AT-Bangkok: Why do you think your followers or fans respond to you photos or wall post so much? There are many sexy photos; do you think it is part of it?
Vachini: No, I don’t think that is the case. Most of my fans or followers are mainly women who truly admire me not because of my sexy photos, but because of my style and character and how I can inspire some of them. And because I believe that some people might have known me a bit more from my interviews in various publications. I usually receive many nice compliments from women and a few from men 

AT-Bangkok: Apart from facebook do you interact or get to meet with the people you know from facebook?
Vachini: I have many contacts in Facebook; a few are my genuine friends but the majority I don’t know personally. I’m fine with corresponding on Facebook or if they are nice, polite, and intelligent we can meet. Who knows, they may become business partners or clients one day. However, I am very careful.
I already have few people that I know from chatting on Facebook and we have met, but only women!
A majority of people who are in the same social circle as mine are the ones who I regularly meet at social events; they are also in Facebook. Therefore, I find it’s much easier to interact with them because we know each other’s movements.

AT-Bangkok: I'm sure some think they know you more than you realize. Is there anything you want to tell us about that?
Vachini: Yes, some people think they know me because they have seen my comments, updates, my photos, my interviews, etc, especially those who have been my Facebook friends for many years. And there are some who requested to be my friends, but have not attempted to communicate for many years. That’s kind of strange isn’t it?

AT-Bangkok: Apart from more friends what else have you gained?
Vachini: Definitely, business; I’ve gained clients and my business has been more productive as a result of Facebook.
What are the places you like to go personally? (Restaurants clubs etc.)
I like to go to restaurants with a great ambiance, impeccable food and great service. My favorite place is The Eugenia on Sukhumvit soi 31, which is very close to my house. I often go there after work for drinks and have dinner with friends. The style is laid back, warm and homely.

AT-Bangkok: Where would you like to meet up with your fans?
Vachini: I’d like to organize a private party just for my fans. I would like to personally greet them and thank them for their continued support. I’d like to invite them to Hotel Muse where I work so they can experience the surroundings, my work place, my colleagues and share cherished moments with me through fun and creative activities.
AT-Bangkok: What is the next step?
Vachini:  My next step is to concentrate on my new role at Hotel Muse, helping it to achieve its full potential.  And one day, when I have more free time, I’d like to do a lot of international travel with my loved ones. 
AT-Bangkok: Why beauty is important, any advice to your fans?
Vachini: OK, maybe we can't all be as beautiful. But always remember two things: every woman is already beautiful, and every woman can be even more beautiful! It's simply a question of appreciating yourself, highlighting your natural beauty and projecting your own self-image in a positive way to others around you. Then see what happens next! Remember: every woman defines her own beauty.
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Updated :06 July 2011
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