KiSara @ the Conrad (previous name Drinking Tea Eating Rice)

| September 11, 2012

When I heard that Drinking Tea Eating Rice is having a new menu created by the new chef, I thought it would be a good opportunity to come by and check this place out. Drinking Tea Eating Rice is located at the Conrad Bangkok on wireless road. It’s been awhile since I’ve been here. With many new Japanese restaurants this place still has loyal cliental. The diners are from many origins; locals, foreigners, and large groups of Japanese.

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When I was there the tables were about 70% full. The spacious eatery had varieties of seating options available; sushi bars, tapanyaki stations, tables alongside floor to ceiling glass windows that looks out to the lobby 2 floors below. There was also private dining rooms which was very appealing and was a good way to dine Japanese style. Our private room had a sunken table that was large enough to seat 6 people easily. Usually this type of seating style is not comfortable but the ones here does have a firm back rest which makes it pretty comfortable.

Our attentive server khun Yu greeted and recommend us to start with some sake from Fukushima. We tried 2 variety of sake; Suehiro Honjozo Kira (590 / carafe) and Suehiro Densho Yamahaijunmai (820 / carafe). Each sake had a distinct taste; it should go well with dishes we order.

Chef Kenji Shindo came to greet us at the table to recommend his food. He asks us; if we wanted traditional or contemporary? Easy answer “contemporary”, don’t get me wrong I love traditional Japanese but every once in awhile something different can be also nice.

The first dish was Zensai Moriwase (880) a lightly smoke salmon and herbs marinated seared tuna with a Japanese style balsamic sauce. The dish look beautiful, I don’t usually see a sashimi presented this way. The fish had an interesting Japanese Italian taste.

Foie Gras Crunchy Roll (880) pan fried foie gras turnip and tofu rolled together covered with a crispy tempura batter. The combination of the filling was nice, what I found unique was it goes well with the balsamic sauce and wasabi, without the shoyu. Only thing I would complain is too much rice.

Another dish we had was Hokkai Seafood Tobanjanmiso (1980) is a powerful soup. It is served hot with very intense flavors from the sea, one of the most satisfying soup I’ve had. I’m known for not finishing my food, but for this dish I had every last drop, it was that good.

For the mains Sesame Seared Tuna with yuzu ginger garlic butter sauce. The tuna alone was already good with the sauce give a complex and refreshing taste.

Braised Matsuzaka comes with mash potatoes, mushroom and pumkin chips with a Japanese wine reduction sauce. The beef was very tender and falling apart. It had a high fat content; I could taste the juicy fat. If I had it with a nice glass of red wine it would have been even better. The sauce was a bit over powering too sweet and too sharp but still a very interesting dish.

Kouri Kintoki (230) shaved ice with green tea syrup, condensed milk served with red bean and vanilla ice cream. The green tea syrup was very floral and refreshing. Other ingredients add more flavors and taste.

Mango Ume Jelly (250) plum wine jelly, mango ice cream, served with mango cream and fresh mango. What a nice combination, the plum wine jelly and mango ice creams’ tartness and sweetness went together really well. I don’t really favor any dessert. This one is an exception. If you come here without trying this dessert you are missing out really.

Conrad Bangkok
87 Wireless Road, Phatumwan, Bangkok, 10330, Thailand
Tel. +66-2-690-9999


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