Eat For Your Luck at Summer Palace, InterContinental Bangkok

| January 31, 2013

This Chinese New Year from 9-15 February 2013, Chef Khor Eng Yew, invites you to start the Year of the Snake by indulging in many good luck food and lots of auspicious activities. Moreover Chef Khor also creates many special dishes for your good fortune.

Those sample menus are:

1. Steamed Pork and Shrimp Dry Scallop Dumpling in Crab Roe Sauce – This dish symbolizes the prosperity especially with the golden color of the dumpling and the sauce.

2. Deep Fried Soft Crab with Mayo Combination Sautéed Scallop and Honey Sweet Bean – This dish is the combination between the two different dishes. One is the soft crab which represents the survival instinct, and another is the stirred fried scallops which mean the prince. This dish symbolized the ability to survive many obstacles and the growth in this coming year.

3. Braised Vegetable Parcel and Fried Tofu in Superior Broth with Crispy Shredded Taro – It is a vegetarian dish which depicts the sharing between different people and different cultures. It is a healthy food for the healthy life of this coming year. 

4. Stir Fried Jumbo Prawns and Salted Egg Yolk with Fried Garlic, Shallot – The big shrimp means happiness. Therefore, ordering this dish will bring happiness to everyone in the table through the taste of the food.

5. Deep Fried Crispy Pumpkin with Chinese New Year Cake – The pumpkin signifies gold which is believed to bring money to you for the Year of the Snake.

Many other items on the a la carte menu, Chef Khor also offers set menus for gatherings of 10 persons such as wealthy, fortune and emperor set. These sets include festive gifts such as Mandarin oranges and lucky ang pao starting at Baht 11,880++.

Chef Khor and Summer Palace also give you special celebrations which are: • Gu-Zheng live music show on 9-10 February 2013 during dinner time.

• Famous Lion dance on 10 February 2013 during lunch time. 
• Complimentary family photo shooting during lunch time on 10 February 2013. 
• Complimentary glutinous fish cake with Chinese New Year chocolate in a beautiful bag. 
• Mandarin orange and mixed Chinese candies will be served on every table.

Preferred Dining members receive a special 20% on Chinese New Year specialties a la carte on 10 February 2013. For more information, please contact 02 656 0444

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