| May 6, 2023

Eugenio Cannoni, La Scala’s resident executive chef is pleased to introduce his new Winter Menu to all Italian cuisine connoisseurs. Eugenio, originally from Piedmont brings with him traditional recipes of his motherland in Italy and has expressed his desire to give to them a more contemporary flavour, whilst developing a personal cooking style based upon the respective ingredients and techniques.

Eugenio introduces a wide range of new dishes winter menu including traditional recipe of pasta, main courses and desserts, and selects only premium and high quality grades of ingredients to ensure their freshness before applying his unique cooking techniques to each dish that still relies upon the pure taste and freshness of each ingredient.

Any dish you choose to enjoy this winter, remember the essential way to enjoy Italian winter dishes is to select fresh and seasonal produce, and multiple fine European wines labels are also great company to ensure complete Italian cuisine fulfillment.

Highlighted Winter Menu includes:

  • RAVIOLI DI FARAONA, MORCHELLE E LAMPONI – Guinea Fowl Ravioli, Morels, Fermented Raspberries
  • SPAGHETTO CACIUCCO E ‘NDUJA – Spaghetti, Caciucco Soup Reduction, ‘Nduja
  • MANZO, RICCI DI MARE, COZZE E CIME DI RAPA – Dry Aged Short Ribs, Uni, Green Turnips
  • RAVIOLI DI ZUCCA, SCAMPI E LARDO – Pumpkin Ravioli, Langoustine, Colonnata Lard
  • ANGUILLA, FOIE GRAS, E BAGNA CAUDA – Foie Gras-Eel Terrine, Baked Salad, Bagna Càuda
  • PICCIONE, CAVOLO E CILIEGIE – Pigeon, Cabbages, Cherries
  • CAVOLFIORE, BUTTERSCOTH E PECAN – Cauliflower, Butterscotch, Pecan Nuts, Yogurt

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