Experience an Oyster Odyssey at LUCE Italian Restaurant, Eastin Grand Sathorn Bangkok

| July 13, 2015
LUCE Italian Restaurant at Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn Bangkok cordially invites you on an irresistible odyssey featuring premium oysters sourced from the most select crops of the Pacific Ocean region.
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Given each family’s unique and distinctive taste, Luce’s Chef Edoardo has carefully paired them with classic condiments taken from the country of their origin. Chef Edoardo is delighted to offer you:

Tasmanian Oysters: Available Raw on ice with mignonette condiments or Baked with bread crumb. The Tasmanian Pacific Oyster appears typically with a spiky shell and clean white interior. They  can be characterized by its fresh, clean and high in salinity and mineral flavor. Famous between oyster lovers, Tasmanian’s are perfect for a palate new to oysters.

3 for 360 Baht : 6 for 680 Baht : 9 for 980 Baht


Thailand rock oysters: Available Raw in shot glass with Thai condiments or Grilled with Italian herb. The Thailand oysters are normally quite big, secured in heavy rock shells. Once opened the color is pale grey and they smells lightly of sea water. The taste is mild in salinity, lightly sweet in the final, pretty mineral and with some herbaceous hints. Eating Thai oysters with their traditional condiments enhance their natural flavor and provide an truly interesting food experience.

3 for 280 Baht: 6 for 480 Baht: 9 for 590 Baht

Japanese Oysters: Available Raw on ice with Ponzu condiments or Baked with bread crumb. Considered by many the best oyster on earth, Kumamoto’s are originated from japan and now grown mostly in California U.S. . Their size is pretty small, they are deep-cupped with petite and chubby meats. They have a mild brininess, perfect texture, lightly sweet flavor and a honeydew finish. Oyster‘s lovers can’t miss ‘em!

3 for 440 Baht: 6 for 830 Baht: 9 for 1190 Baht


This oyster odyssey guarantees the finest selection to be found in Bangkok and will be available only during August 2015 for lunch and dinner at LUCE Italian Restaurant, Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn Bangkok.

For more information and reservations, please call LUCE 02 210 8100

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