Fei Ya Cantonese Food at it’s Best

| February 25, 2020

This sleek Chinese restaurant is about more than just luxurious dining. At Fei Ya (Chinese for “Flying Duck”), Duck takes center stage – incredibly delicious duck. The lean, crispy, juicy Peking Duck is the main attraction but the barbecue chef has also redefined tenderness with his Char Sui Pork, and the variety of Cantonese dishes delights our local Thai audience.

A superb selection of live seafood completes the libretto of this modern Chinese opera. The set, with its understated Chinese motifs, dark polished hardwood floors and distinctive chrome crafted Duck centerpieces, reflects a reverence for the arts. The tea bar with its dramatic displays stocks more than 30 varieties including some of the most exquisite and expensive teas in the city, all served in an array of pots that add a touch of whimsy to the drama choreographed by the Tea Master. Like all Renaissance restaurants, the service is well rehearsed and performed by a nimble cast and crew.

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