Giorgio’s, the Royal Orchid Sheraton

| December 16, 2011

Address:Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel Charoen Krung Road, Soi 30 (Captain Bush Lane), Bangkok Tel: 02 266 0123 Open: 18.00 — 22.30 hr, Text/Photo by Vasin Srivarathanabul

At the terrace by the Chaopraya River a cool breeze made me think of the last time I was here at Sambal about a year ago. Nothing much has change, the same ambiance and the beautiful river view.

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Giorgio’s is set by the terrace on the second floor. Inside the bright colorful interior is decorated with large wall frescos. The tables were well spread out.













I was here to sample the new dishes from the new chef and meet up with some friends. The attentive waitress recommended a beef carpaccio(380) for starters. It came with a bowl of rocket salad.

The beef had a good marbling in thin slices. Very little seasoning needed.

Roast prawn Risotto with spicy salami(430). It is a pretty spicy dish wtih rich cheesy flavor.

Tom yam spaghetti with marinated chicken (420). Although a spaghetti it is full of Thai flavors and too hot for my taste. I don’t think this went well with other Italian dishes.

Seared Black cod on potatoes tomatoes (710) was my favorite dish. The flavorful fish was cooked perfectly, moist, firm, and flaky all at the same time. The skin was crispy and chewy. The tomatoes made it complex.

Grilled rib-eye (1060) was another dish I like. The fine quality Angus beef was cooked just right; bloody, juicy and tender with a slightly caramelized crust.

Panna Cotta with red wine sauce and berries (280). The smooth creamy panna cotta was not too sweet.

The berries made a refreshing compliment to this dish.

Tiramisu with coffee biscuits (390)

Chef Gaetano Palumbo

I did like most of the dishes I tried.  The pasta dishes were not for my taste. I think the spaghetti tom yum didn’t go well with the other dishes. But from sampling what we had I like the appetizer, mains and the dessert. Gorgio at the Royal Sheraton Orchid Towers has a peaceful ambiance very appropriate for a romantic dinner. I would like to come here again at end of the year when outdoor seating is not too hot and enjoy the food with the view.

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