| August 23, 2012

The Spanish artist continues his run in Phuket, with a large selection of his work being exhibited at the VR Gallery and represented by Think Design. We are proud to help expose his amazing work to Phuket art lovers. This current exhibtion is ink on paper and showcases is amazing freehand style. The artwork must be seen in person to be fully appreciated. 

Gomez has been living in Los Angeles since 1988, a city that inspires him and drives him crazy, which may be the idea.

He received a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Universidad de La Laguna (Tenerife) and the Madrid University Complutense before heading out to Los Angeles, where he has become a well -known and celebrated artist, although he has not released his love of the underground, graffiti and protest.

Some of his recent exhibitions include, “Cinema 15” AR4T Laguna Beach, California, “Street & Low” Robert Berman Gallery, Santa Monica.

“World Music” The Latino Museum, Los Angeles, “3D Art” Opera Gallery in New York and “Tres” Stunt gallery, La Laguna. Spain.

Each year, the list of galleries where his work is shown grows exponentially.

His other recent foray into Asia was his month-long appearance at “Totally Radical”, the Art Beijing exhibition which took place in 2010 and inspired the artist greatly.



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