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| August 27, 2019

A Quick Guide on Bangkok Gambling, Laws, and Casinos


Bangkok, a popular place in Thailand exclusive for its beaches, cultural heritage, food destination, and nightlife, the list is never-ending.

Being a popular place, the land is very famous for gambling, but the laws that abide by it are crucial.

We spotlight this article to avoid troubles while gambling in Bangkok, as Bangkok has minimum tolerance to gambling.

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Bangkok and Gambling

Let us make this clear; any kind of gambling is considered illegal in Thailand, comprising Bangkok as one of them. The severity is not visible to Horse racing and State Lottery. Due to these laws, the black gambling is widespread.

These forms of gambling are seen in offices, malls, and specific apartments. Several casinos are situated near and under Bangkok.

To avoid unnecessary legal hassles, you must restrict yourself from visiting these casino found undergrounds by reading the following article.

If you are desperate to play at casino, it would be great to visit Cambodia, a minimum distance from Bangkok. Even though the rules are strict in the city, you can find legalized casino resorts in Bangkok as well.


Popular Casinos in Bangkok

1. In Residence Hotel Silom Bangkok

Locating in SoiSukhumvit 13, Sukhumvit Road, KlongtoeyNua, Bangkok. Casino offers you the best nightlife and casino environment in Bangkok.

With interior architecture, affordable value, and a home far away from home, you will never regret visiting In Residence.

The casino is located at a place that attracts foreigners due to the local stores with amazing slurping food.

Altogether, the casino offers a mind-blowing experience with good music and good food to make a life of traveller memorable.


2. Radisson Suites Bangkok Sukhumvit

A floor with beautiful dancers and winning emotions of gamblers, what else is needed to make the Bangkok trip amazing?

Situated in Sukhumvit, is the best choice you will make that forever stays as a pop of excitement and colors.

Bangkok’s Radisson Suites will offer you the extravagant life with beautiful memories and keep high on satisfaction and happiness.

It is a famous casino suite when combining the whole Bangkok casinos, providing with drinks, games, and tons of laughter.


3. Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok

Located in KlongtanNua, WattanaKhlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok, Kempinski is known as one of the oldest and the luxurious casinos.

The casino offers you one of the best experiences, which will make you stay one more than a week. You can stay in, relish the gambling experiences or even play online games on The choice rests with you!

The Siam Kempinski’s interiors are sure to seduce you with elegant architecture, music, drinks, and platforms to try your luck.

Being the oldest European’s casino, the suite is sure to make you fall in love with the land and culture.


4. Sivatel Bangkok Hotel

Sivatel is the right choice for the tourists who look forward to a Carpe Diem experience while visiting Bangkok, Thailand.

The casino is the portal that makes you leave the tension and stress by experiencing the beauty and fun. Sivatel is covered with the busy commercial street but located in Bangkok’s greenery, which makes the casino’s night life cool.

The casino also offers heart-bound games to gamblers like blackjack and roulette and is worth the money you spend.


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Live Online Casino Dealers and Laws

It’s not news that technology has helped us in many suitable ways.

The gambling industry has also found its way to grow by various technologies from live casinos to online payment. Even though there emerged many online casinos, there is no guarantee that you will be paid back the winning money.

 Having said the dark side, there is also a bright side where the players are provided with live casino platforms.

The Thailand government does not have the power to shut these down as they are hosted by various countries.

Some of the live online casinos that offer great experience are Live Casino House, BetWinner, Bitcasino, and Dafabet Casino.



Bangkok is a place filled with experience and adventure. But, there are strict laws regarding gambling.

Even though many casinos are present in Bangkok, as a tourist, you must research before gambling at casino resorts. Apart from this, Thailand is a must to any bucket list!


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