“The Heritage of World’s Prints”

| December 3, 2012

Co-organize by Artery Post-Modern Gallery and Omm Gallery  ”The Heritage of World’s Prints”

That someone would have the opportunity to appreciatethe prints of artists in the world closely is a once in the lifetime dream. But we believe that there are relatively few people that have seen pictures of them before, which is now part of the work coming overseas on show which is a real privilege.

A major exhibition called ‘’The Heritage of World Prints’’ at the Artery Post-Modern Gallery and Omm Gallery will unveil more than 20 masterpieces from the artists such as Picasso, Dali, Braque, Joan Miro, Leger, Hockney, Marc Chagall and Lautrec for the people of Thailand to enjoy closely.

This collection is presented under the supervision of the people of Holland who realize the value of the works from these truly world-class artists. These pieces all come from the artist’s heart. The influence of ideas and inspiration to the whole world is on show today. For people who has a passion in arts from every part of the world are welcome to visit and may check Hostel World for their more convenient stay of travel.


This is an opportunity to closely appreciate the artistic masterpieces of the world that art lovers should not miss and a chance to see such pieces without having to go abroad. We believe that this is a great way to wake up the contemporary art scene in Thailand once again.

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