Ideas for extreme sports in Bangkok

| April 25, 2018

If you love travelling and extreme sports, then Bangkok is one place that you should definitely visit. With an adrenaline rush and the pump of thrill extreme sports are a thing these days. More and more people are opting to travel places for experiencing such adventures. And you don’t just have the normal adventure sports here like paragliding. Bangkok offers a lot more!


Here are some extreme sports that you can choose to enjoy when in Bangkok.


Muay Thai:


Classic! If staying fit is your thing then, next time when you visit Bangkok, experience the boxing form known as Muay Thai. There are people who offer the Muay Thai classes for everybody, from a rookie to a professional one and all gets to have a taste of this thrilling experience. There are plenty of places to try it out, from RSM Academy to Jitti Gym and Chuwattana.




It is a fantastic sport that offers thrill and enjoyment to the fullest. There are theme parks in Bangkok that provides wakeboarding to people from all over. With the thrill of being stationed in a wakeboard, getting stretched and pushing the water accompanied with a palpating heart you are sure to enjoy the day for the rest of your life. You can try out wakeboarding at Taco Lake.


Extreme cycling:


Extreme cycling is another sport that you can try when in Bangkok. If you just know the basics of cycling, then it is an adventure sports that you should and will love. With adventure parks lined up one gets to enjoy the thrill of cycling through the wavy, jumpy, droopy and unprecedented rails for an unmatched adrenaline rush. The Peppermint Bike Park is one of the best places to win to try it out.


Experiencing the drive of a Formula 1 car:


Imagine the thrill by just watching a Formula 1 Grand Prix and enjoying it, what about enjoying the actual thrill? If you are 16 years and above then Taki Racing gives you the opportunity of actually experiencing the thrill of Formula 1 car by driving through real tracks. If fun and thrill for you is speed driving, then let your blood pump with this unique extreme sports idea.



Nothing can beat the feeling of being at the top of the world, like literally with sky-diving you can actually enjoy the thrill of jumping from the feet of about 15,000, swimming through the air towards the surface. There are concerns that offer the experience of sky-diving with the help of experts where you get to train first and then enjoy this awesome sport. Since there’s no Sky-Diving places in the city itself, you may have to head out of the city a little bit for this one, but you surely wouldn’t mind it.


Of course, if you don’t want to head out or are just tired after a hectic day in Bangkok, you could try out some great games online at Betway 88. There is a good variety to choose from, and it doesn’t matter whether you want to play online slots or just bet on your favorite sports. However, we are sure while that sounds exciting you wouldn’t want to do it a lot while you are in Bangkok.


Apart from these, you could also try out some of the regular adrenaline sports – they work great too. For one, you can try out rock climbing at Urban Playground. So, if you are thinking of Bangkok trip for your next holiday then take inspiration from the list and opt for a wild experience with extreme sports.


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